When you’re in a creative mood, it doesn’t mean you have to automatically get out the arts and crafts box at home. There are plenty of interesting things you can do online to wet your creative appetite. We all know that you can start a blog and do some personal writing; it’s a lot like keeping a diary, except you can invite people to read it. But, there are lots more things you can do online that many people don’t even think of. Take a look at five recommendations for when you want to get creative online.

get creative free time


If you like to dabble with art, why not have a go at the digital version? There are many websites where you can create art projects for free. It’s perfect for having a taster of digital art and getting to know how to use the systems and tools. It may not translate to the same kind of artwork you’d produce with a pen and paper, but that’s part of the challenge. You can waste hours of your time creating new and inspirational material online. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can upgrade to different sites that require payment for better tools.

Website Building

Have you ever wanted to build your own website? Creating a website doesn’t just have to be for the purposes of business. Website building is another art form and many people take pleasure in the whole process. It’s a way of expressing your artistic talent. Have a look at the best website designer 2018 for inspiration. It’s a lot of work but you’ll get a great sense of achievement at the end. You need to be able to build from scratch, so if you’ve never done it before, don’t expect to get it done in a day.


When people dream of building their own houses, they start online. If you enjoy building things, there are many outlets where you can have a bit of fun online. Whether you choose to play a building game, like Cubescape or you attempt to create a floorplan for a home on one of the many free websites for home building, you’re sure to satisfy your creative needs. The more time you spend building online, the easier it will be to understand how architecture works.

Fact Finding

Some people collect stamps, some people collect knowledge. Fact finding is a creative use of the internet. There’s a reason search engines were invented so why not get the most out of them. You can learn almost anything you need to online, so if you’ve always wondered where flamingos originate from or how many tribes there are in Africa, now is the perfect time to find out.

Create a Dream Board

Always wanted to do a road trip in America? Do you plan to have a Summer house in the garden one day? Creating a dream board online is the best way to remind yourself of great ideas that could otherwise be lost. Pinterest is a great place to start.


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