Back in the days building your own website was a pretty hard process, but things have changed surprisingly. These days we’re lucky to have these “website builder” software solutions to build a website, which makes the job less complicated. Building your website yourself has never been easier!

Website builders were created for normal people, who are not certified computer programmers. They have all the scripts and HTML built into the system so you do not have to write it. These builders follow the key CMS principle of separation between content and design, this being a huge advantage for the websites. This way, they are more easily indexed by search engines. It might sound complicated but it’s really not. To work with these “tools”, all you need is an ordinary web browser and a good internet connection.

If you’re a new blogger or just eager to share your portfolio or products, here you have a list of 5 great reasons why you should try building your website yourself :

1. It's free

Normally, hiring a professional programmer and designer to make your website would cost pretty much. The cool thing about website builders is that most of them are available for free as long as you wish.

You can also upgrade your website and use different features to connect your own domain and many more. Upgrading from a free to a premium package, certainly gives you a lot of great tools, very useful for your marketing plans.

There are even ways to do website promotion for free, check out this post to get some ideas on how to do this.

2. It's really easy to use

Imagine creating your website yourself, without having any knowledge of coding or design. Yeah, that’s possible.

Website builders have easy to use editors, with simple drag and drop methods. Easy as pie! Following just a few simple steps you can upload your photos or add texts without any technical skills. Trying to do it yourself will give you some sense of the challenges and process of web design.

3. Various layout options

You will discover hundreds of design styles covering a variety of subjects, so finding your perfect template will not be a problem. And you can always personalize your template with many widgets and apps.

Creating your own website is only a matter of choosing the style you like. In a very short period time you’ll have a well-designed, mobile friendly website for your business.

4. Customer support

Most of these site builders offer really easy to use interfaces that will guide you every step you need to take and lots of helpful information.

But if you still need help you can always call, send an email or use forums for support and you’ll get quick answers for your issues.

5. Pricing plans

You can start with the free options but if you’re determined to upgrade to a premium package you don’t need to worry, you’ll discover pretty decent prices and great options for your needs.

And the best part is that, once you upgrade to another package, you can also receive advertising credits with Google and Facebook.

Popular website builders

One of the most popular website builders is certainly WIX. It has over 80 million happy users with a bunch of great websites created. Since 2006 WIX has built such a great and friendly platform.

You’ll discover fantastic layouts designed for all kind of businesses: shops, restaurants, blogs, personal portfolio, artists, chefs and many more. WIX is strongly recommended to people who have never created a website before and have no idea of HTML and CSS. The platform offers a drag and drop builder, that makes content really easy to add or remove.

Another useful fact is that inside the builder you have grid lines that will help you position your design elements. Using a web building program minimizes errors and keeps things running easily.

The templates are also 100% responsive. This means that your finished website will be accessible for all devices: mobile phones, tablets, etc. And having a responsive website can boost your online presence and keep your customers/ partners updated.

Wix helps thousands of people start their business with a perfect website, even if they do not have prior technical knowledge. So you do not have to stress about all the little pieces. It’s fast and easy!

Using a website builder is all about advantages, quick and easy process and great looking layouts that will help you keep a professional and attractive look. If you want to start using this platform, feel free to go to and find out more interesting and useful facts about this builder, and get started!


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