An eye-catching website is essential for any digital marketing you hope to achieve, but it's more than just a tool for marketing purposes. For many people, your website will be the first thing they see that represents your business, so don't you want it to look its best?

Online and mobile shopping have been on the rise for some time and are the preferred shopping methods for a number of age groups. It isn't just the millennials who shop online nowadays. everyone does it. So when they find your website you should make sure it grabs their attention and is eye-catching!

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Any SEO marketing agency will tell you how important an attractive website is if you want an effective digital strategy, but don't worry you don't have to completely change the way your website looks.

For many websites some simple, small changes can make a big difference and make your website much more eye-catching. So without further ado let's take a look at my top five ways to make your website more attractive!

Choose Complimentary Colours

There's a whole science behind colours and what they mean and what we associate with them. Red and orange are warm colours for example, while blue is a cold colour. When it comes to designing your website you'll have a wide variety of colours to choose from, but you'll want to ensure these colours complement your design and represent your business.

The big yellow M of the McDonalds logo is a great example of this; it's a sunny and warm colour that is ideal for a fast food restaurant. So think carefully about your business and what you want to showcase to the people visiting your site. A simple thing like changing the background colour can make a big difference.

Have a Unique Logo

Logos come in all shapes and sizes and while you don't need to have one, you really should. Logos offer instant brand recognition and also give you a great theme to work your website design around. Apple, Microsoft, Google and many more all have instantly recognisable logos, when done right a logo can provide a real boost when it comes to digital marketing.

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Photo Credit: Eddie Lobanovskiy

You can let your creativity run wild when it comes to your logo, but you should strive for something unique that stands out. If you're not very gifted when it comes to design then using a freelance artist or graphic designer can help you come with some unique and interesting designs.

Video Introductions

A great digital marketing tip is to use a video introduction on your home page. Why have people read what your business is about, when you can tell them instead?

This is of course more complicated than filming yourself in front of blank wall listing your businesses services, but there's no limit to how creative you can be.

Don't Let Things Get Stagnant

One great design tip that any marketing agency will be sure to agree with is that change is good. So don't let your website stay the same, if you have a blog page make sure it is regularly updated, consider changing your homepage text to a brighter colour in the summer and a colder colour during the winter.

web design

Google and its famous Doodle logos are a great example of how changing your website, even if just a little bit, every so often can really make it stand out. Now, of course, you don't want to overdo this, but a few little changes now and again can really make your website standout.

Make It Mobile Friendly

The way we access websites as changed dramatically in just a decade, nowadays many people will use a tablet or smartphone to access the internet rather than a laptop of desktop computer. So you should make sure your website has a mobile friendly design, without one you could easily be missing out on a large group of potential customers.

And remember your website should look just as good on a smartphone as it does on a computer. So make sure when you're designing your site that you take the mobile platform into account at all stages.


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