For any company, a good logo is one of the most important functions of your marketing campaign. Your logo will be all over all of your merchandise and will become an instantly recognizable symbol of your brand. So how should you go about creating the perfect logo for you? To get some ideas, simply follow these ten steps to help you with your design.

First, sit down and properly brainstorm exactly what it is that you want your logo to say about you. Think about what you want to convey about yourself – such as sophistication and trustworthiness.


Photo Credit: Eddie Lobanovskiy

Look at the most famous logos from professional companies and ask yourself what it is about them which works so well. It’s ok to take inspiration from this – but be careful not to copy.

Remember, keep it clever but simple. If your design is too complicated it is less likely to be memorable as it won’t have such a striking image which will stick in someone’s mind.

As well as yourself, you should also be thinking about your target market. Who are they and what are they looking for? Let’s imagine your company sells flowers. If you were looking to buy flowers, what would you be looking for in a company? Try to give across that impression in your logo.


Photo Credit: Mike

Experiment with different fonts, colours, images and shapes. Come up with a few ideas and ask for feedback on what sort of aesthetic you want to aim towards.

Further to the previous point, do a bit of market research to test your design with the general public. It is important to get feedback from complete strangers on the subject, as you will then be getting a totally unbiased review of how the logo comes across.

As you’re putting together your design, it is also useful to check how good it will look at different sizes. What looks fine on paper might be odd and unattractive when stretched out or distorted on merchandise, so create something adaptable.


Photo Credit: Mike

Once you’ve come up with a basic design, you should have the actual logo created properly using decent editing software. You can either choose to learn a graphic design program yourself, or hire out a professional, because asking for a free logo design isn't the best idea and you should deserve more for your business.

Even once your logo is finished, make sure you carry on listening to people’s feedback. Remember: it’s never too late to improve.


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