Lack of productivity is a common problem for many of us. It’s practically impossible to achieve a perfect flow of productivity at home or at the workplace 24/7. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to change your efficiency in personal or business manners, and the following 15 tips will help you on your way to becoming the most productive person you know.


Contrary to popular belief, taking up a sport is an excellent way to blow off some steam and to reset your mind and body. Practicing sports, regardless of their nature, has proven to help millions of people achieve better results in terms of mental and physical health by lowering stress, ridding of depression and helping with self-confidence.

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Ping-Pong can increase productivity

This often overlooked type of sport is essentially more productive than you might think – just check out how the famous Ping-Pong Diplomacy worked its magic with outstanding results. If you want to experience a good work break from time to time, you must purchase an indoor ping pong table right now. If you’re a business owner, setting up Ping-Pong tables in your company’s offices will help build a more health-friendly, inspiring and competitive setting, which will instantly boost up your employees’ productivity.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy is the golden rule to staying healthy. Eating superfoods and green salads while cutting back on energy drinks and junk food will help you feel more energetic, relaxed and willing to work for your goals.

Set goals

Speaking of goals, you won’t become a more productive person, unless you have a clear idea of what you’re aiming for. Going through life with a set purpose will notably boost your productivity levels. Don’t allow the fear of failure to prevent you from setting goals and pursuing them.

Shift your mindset

Positive attitude is vital for positive outcomes. Shift your mindset, stop pondering over negativity and focus on what’s ahead.

Take notes from others

Think about how manufacturers empower their employees to be more productive. Sim card manufacturers, for example, are among the leading tech moguls out there and increasing flow of productivity is a crucial aspect of their niche. They use creative environments, they encourage innovation, and they employ corporate health programs, wellness benefits, teambuilding and other strategies to stimulate staff productivity.

Learn how to manage your time

Proper time management will be of intrinsic importance if you wish to become the most productive person you know. Learn how to make efficient use of your time instead of wasting it.

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Make a clear plan

Map out your tasks for the next day and plan your workload in a timely manner. Making a clear plan and following it through equals better productivity. Diving head-first and taking chances will lead you to nowhere without an executive planning strategy.

Prioritize your tasks

An evident, yet often overlooked tip to become more productive is the trick of learning how to properly prioritize your tasks.

Don’t pass up opportunities.

If you wish to become the most productive person you know, stop passing up opportunities due to lack of free time, fear of failure or some other excuse. Each presented opportunity offers a chance to boost your skill level, and having a versatile skill set helps you achieve better results.

Rid yourself of distractions

Workplace gossip, phone notifications, constant e-mail checking, and social media are the most common distractors responsible for ruining your productivity potential.

Say yes to selective procrastination

Procrastination is often depicted as productivity’s nemesis. Nevertheless, selective procrastination can work to your advantage. Learn how to procrastinate minor and insignificant tasks in order to make time for more pressing matters like planning or carrying out imperious tasks.

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Don’t sleep in

Researchers show that 7-8 hours of sleep per night are enough to satisfy our bodies and minds’ needs for rest. Oversleeping will make you feel more tired, uninspired and unwilling to be productive. Of course, cutting back on your sleeping cycle will make you irritable and stressed out, so make sure to balance out your sleeping cycles in a proper manner.

Invest in software

Productivity management apps, such as Daylite and Asana, can help you maximize your available time, track your progress, increase your monetary earnings and keep you on point.

Learn how to enjoy life

Don’t neglect your hobbies, your social life, and your family. Learn how to enjoy life. Countless researchers have proven that if you forget to live your life, your stress levels and inevitable depression will most definitely affect your productivity in negative aspects. We’re not robots and you can’t function as one. Focus on what matters and learn how to cherish every single day. Positivity and satisfaction will give a tremendous boost to your professional productivity.


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