A powerful website is a link between you and your potential customers. Having a website is not enough. The website has to be attractive enough to get your target audience interested in finding out more about your business and products.

30% of the world's website are based on WordPress. If you too fall in the "WordPress lover' category, the few minutes you spend reading this will be worth it. In addition to giving you some great ideas for setting up your WordPress site, this article also tells you have you can turn your site into a popular money making platform.

ZPLUS - The most customizable WordPress theme

If you’re looking to create tons of websites all with one theme then this your best bet. ZPLUS allows you to create amazing websites all from one theme.

creative agency wordpress theme

This WordPress theme is highly customizable giving you the chance to create different websites each with its own personality and appeal.

The theme has some pretty outstanding features including a visual composer that lets you see the changes you make in real time. It also has a drag & drop feature that makes making changes to your website pretty easy. All you have to do is drag and drop the features you want to change.

If you have an online store, you can use the WooCommerce integration feature to add your store to your WordPress site. This will make it easy for your customers to find your products.

With the slider revolution feature, you can create creative sliders that will make your website pop and grab your site visitor’s attention.
All these features are very easy to add. The theme itself is easy to install and you do not need any coding knowledge or web design skills.

This customizable beautiful theme, including all premium plugins, is worth $149 but you can grab it right now for $19 only!

BigWave One-Page WordPress Theme

One page theme is the trend of the day. This WordPress theme features a lavish one-page business theme. This simple theme is perfect for any kind of business website. This theme comes with two sliders that you can use to display various types of content.

free business wordpress theme

It also offers multiple sections that you can use to add your Homepage, About Us, Portfolio, Services, Blog and Contact pages. You can also customize your portfolio into multiple categories featuring multiple portfolio screenshots.

You can also add your business location on Google Maps to make it easy for clients to find you offline.

BigWave one-page WordPress theme is currently FREE!

A Beautiful Breviter Handcrafted WordPress Theme

With this sophisticated WordPress theme, you'll be sure to stand out of the crowd of bloggers. It is handcrafted with love.

The theme will make your posts, videos and links pop giving your blog an enhanced appeal. The theme has a very responsive layout that makes your blog highly readable on any browser or device.

free handcrafted wordpress theme

The theme allows you to customize the look of the blog by letting you change your background image and colour. You can also add a header or footer background image to enhance your branding. There's also a custom menu that you can use to add pages and custom links to your blog. This handcrafted WordPress theme is available for FREE for a limited time only.

An Appealing GoldLine Light Theme

GoldLine light is another awesome WordPress theme which boasts of style, visual elements and a pleasing look.

This theme comes with striking key features including beautiful typography that will grab your visitor's attention immediately they land on your site. The theme will enhance all your content including posts, videos, images, quotes, links, etc. This will give your website an enhanced visual appeal.

free wordpress blog theme

The theme has a fully responsive design meaning that it will be compatible with all modern browsers and will work perfectly will all devices including mobile. You can also make great use of the theme’s social sharing features to share your content across multiple social media platforms for more exposure.

Want this elegant WordPress blog theme? Grab it now FREE!

An Amaing Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin

Are you running a WooCommerce site or do you have products that you’d like your customers to buy directly from your website? Make their buying experience simple and enjoyable by adding this beautiful WordPress shopping cart plugin.

Even if you don’t have an online store yet, you can use this plugin to quickly create your store on your WordPress site itself with ease. This is one of the best online store WordPress plugin that you’ll find around.

Shopping cart

This shopping cart plugin is highly intuitive and responsive. You can use the plugin to add images showcasing your products to give your customers a better idea of what you're offering. Better still, you can categorize your products into different categories for easier browsing. The plugin also lets you add multiple payment gateways including Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout etc.

The plugin sets country-specific tax and currencies automatically making it easy for customers around the world to understand your prices in their own currency. The plugin will also let you send invoices to clients. The invoices contain item price, shipping, tax and handling fees.

If you want to offer customers a limited time discount, you can use the plugin to generate coupon codes for various discounts.

The plugin also comes with 10 extensions that will help you to push your online store's functionality even further. Grab this functional shopping cart plugin here for 90% limited discount.

FotoPress - Image Editor WordPress Plugin

Another one of the great essential WordPress tools is the FotoPress plugin. This plugin increases your WordPress site’s productivity letting you make the most out of your site.

This plugin is great if you highly depend on images for your site the plugin lets you find and edit images right inside your WordPress. You will be able to find over 2 million royalty free images available all over the internet. You can then pick the best for your site and then edit them right on your site.

fotopress image editor wordpress plugin

The plugin lets you customize your images by resizing them, rotating, editing or adding 1-click crop. You can easily create images, retouch them and add over 100 special effects just like you would if you were using Photoshop. You can even add unlimited layers inside the image editor.

Make sure you grab this effective image edito plugin right now for a discount!

A Great Blog Subscriber WordPress Plugin

The goal for a successful blog is to gain real subscribers. Real people who follow and read your posts. Engagement is what fuels a successful blog. The more subscribers you have the higher chances you have of gaining more customers.

If you’re looking for WordPress themes and plugins that will help you increase your blog subscribers then you have to get your hands on the Blog Subscriber WordPress plugin. The plugin allows you to set custom blog subscription emails to help you grab more subscribers. The plugin will also enhance your reader's experience giving them a reason to follow your blog.

Besides letting you gain more subscribers, the plugin will also collect leads on your blog and let you send automated updates to your subscribers letting them know when a new post is published.

Subscribers plugin 1

You also get to view all your subscribers on a custom dashboard for easy management.

This subscribers WP plugin can be yourstoday for just $9.99!

A Powerful Backup Manager WordPress Plugin

Nothing is as bad as losing your entire website's content either to a hack or by accidentally deleting it. Put your mind at ease by installing the Backup Manager WordPress plugin that will restore your data in a matter of seconds.

The plugin lets you securely backup and restore all your pages, posts, plugins and content without damaging anything. You can save your data to Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, or FTP.

Backup Manager

You can choose to automatically schedule unlimited backups and set your backups to backup each of your WordPress site running on your domain.

The best part about the WordPress Backup Manager plugin is that it’s very easy to install and restoration of data requires just a simple click.

Get up to 80% discount if you buy this backup manager plugin today!

InkAppointment - Powerful WordPress Plugin

Being able to meet, chat or call clients when they are available is an important part of good customer service that every business should be conscious of.

Managing your appointments, meetings and client calls is not an easy task. The right WordPress themes and plugins will, however, make it seamless for you.

InkAppointment is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins that will help you automate and easily manage your online appointment booking system and scheduling services. You can do this easily from your WordPress website.

Appointment Banner

You no longer have to call clients or get frustrated trying to get everyone to fit somewhere in your schedule. You simply add the days and times you're available and then your client selects the date and time from your schedule. They then fill in the booking form and submit a booking request. That simple!

Get InkAppointment today!

Content Resharer Pro WordPress Plugin

Repurpose your old content by resharing it on social media platforms. Instead of doing this manually take advantage of Content Resharer Pro. This WordPress plugin will automatically share your old posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn saving you lots of time while improving your marketing.

The plugin lets you set the frequency your posts should be reshared, create custom messages for all posts, set the sharing order, start and end date. You can also choose to have your posts shared indefinitely.

You can choose to only share posts of a certain category, tag or post type. The plugin will also apply Bitly URL shortening to help you track the performance of the shared links.

Content resharer

Grab this ultimate content sharing plugin for $19 here.

Making use of these 10 WordPress themes and plugins will give you the chance to turn your boring website into an intriguing, intuitive, money making platform, so try them today!


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