The plugins you choose can in many ways help you to build better websites. In turn, it will help your business to grow. What they can do for a website, is not unlike what the right combination of things can do for a baked potato.

A baked potato is nutritious, but the taste is not something to brag about. Add salt, pepper, and butter, and the taste isn’t bad at all. Just as adding special effects to an average website can yield very positive effects.

Try adding cheese, sour cream, and bacon bits to that spiced-up baked potato. You’ve created a feast worth talking about. Just as a judicious choice of plugins can help create a website that’s a feast to the eyes. It engages its visitors and compels them to share their experiences with others.

Could it be that a plugin or two could work that magic for you?

1. Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing for WordPress

Top WP Plugins That Can Help You Build A Better Website

Plugin fatigue. We’ve all had it... Countless plugins crowding your dashboard while providing little to no value. Enter Logic Hop, a refreshing change that provides huge value. How huge? Like 2x and 3x conversions. Seriously.

That’s why Logic Hop is our top pick. Content personalization has been a game changer for big sites and power players, but now Logic Hop brings the power of personalization to WordPress.Personalize your site based on pay-per-click and display ads, geolocation, social media posts, actions visitors take on your site, and even what they’re interested in.

Sure there are alternatives, but which are fully integrated with your favorite page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder? Which have free add-ons for Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, and HubSpot? Logic Hop is knocking it out of the park. And, it’s easy to use. Skeptical? Their support team will answer your questions, help you get up and running and even help craft custom personalizations for your site.

Stop missing out on sales and start increasing conversions. Logic Hop will take your site to the next level. Get started today with a free 14-day trial. See for yourself why Logic Hop is our number one pick.

2. LayerSlider

Top WP Plugins That Can Help You Build A Better Website

When you purchase a premium slider plugin you expect it to have every tool or feature needed to design whatever awesome slider you have in mind. The LayerSlider WordPress plugin no only delivers, but it gives you a great deal more.

LayerSlider is in fact an all-in-one animation platform based on cutting-edge technologies that not only enable you to create some truly awesome slider effects, but build landing pages and even complete websites as well. Since LayerSlider is 100% responsive, all your designs will look great whether displayed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Features include a drag and drop visual editor, animated page blocks, and a Photoshop-like image editor. No coding is required, and you get detailed documentation and periodic updates along with dedicated support.

3. NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Pro

Top WP Plugins That Can Help You Build A Better Website

The NextGEN Gallery plugin has served as the industry standard for products of its type for the past 12 years, which certainly says a lot about its capabilities and performance; and it’s free.

NextGEN Gallery is easy for beginners to use, yet powerful enough to satisfy professional photographers, visual artists, and other creative types who can be quite demanding as to how they want to showcase their work.

The fronted gives users a pair of album styles, and a pair of gallery styles to work with. The backend features a complete gallery management system.

Give the free version a try. Then, you can see if upgrading to NextGEN Gallery Pro might make sense. This paid version is ideal if you have thousands of images to work with, would prefer to have a wider range of gallery and display options, or would simply like to take advantage of its array of useful extensions.

4. Amelia

Top WP Plugins That Can Help You Build A Better Website

If you’re running a business, you’re not going to turn your nose up to a product that saves you time, reduces costs, and makes customers a much more satisfied. If your business relies heavily on appointments for your customers, you’ll love what Amelia can do for you.

This award-winning automated appointment booking, management, and online payment system gives you extra time to focus on other aspects of your business and lets customers make appointments 24/7.

5. MapSVG

Top WP Plugins That Can Help You Build A Better Website

Originally a tool that would enable users to take any SVG file and convert it to an interactive map, Map SVG has since morphed into a tool with which you can create all three types of interactive and geo-calibrated maps; namely image, vector maps, and Google maps.

You can also add markers and objects to any of these maps and/or to any associated directories.

6. wpDataTables

Top WP Plugins That Can Help You Build A Better Website

Knowing the effort it can take to create an attractive and informative table or chart from a reasonable amount of data, you’d probably be extremely hesitant to attempt to do the same given a huge amount of complex data.

That’s what wpDataTables can do for you and it can do it quickly and efficiently. wpDataTables is making responsive, easily editable, interactive; and of course, attractive and informative tables and charts from any amount of data, small or huge.

7. Blog2Social - Smart social media automation for WordPress

Top WP Plugins That Can Help You Build A Better Website

This all-in-one suite enables you to promote and share your blog posts directly from your WordPress dashboard. With Blog2Social, it’s easy to auto-schedule and publish your social media posts. It also enables you to individualize posts, which adds a personal touch to every message. Thanks to Blog2Social’s Social Media calendar, managing the timing of posts will be a breeze.

30,000+ happy WordPress users in 70 countries have already discovered what a powerful and useful plugin this is. Blog2Social is free to use and among the best-rated WordPress social media plugins. A Premium version is available.

8. WP Review Pro

Top WP Plugins That Can Help You Build A Better Website

It’s not at all difficult to make a review site dull and boring by presenting one review after another. Why not allow WP Review Pro to spice things up for you? It’s ideal for reviewing books, movies, videos, cocktails, or whatever else you might think is worth reviewing.

This WP plugin lets you assign star, point, percentage, or circle ratings to your reviews, and you can also create comparison charts for multiple products.

9. Rank Math SEO

Top WP Plugins That Can Help You Build A Better Website

Writing SEO-friendly content can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Not if you’re using the Rank Math SEO plugin. This Swiss Army knife of WordPress SEO tools has everything you need including an SEO Analysis tool, a WooCommerce SEO tool, a built-in Content Analysis feature you’ll find to be extremely useful and a host of other SEO goodies.

This WordPress plugin loads quickly, and it’s easy to use.

10. Heroic Knowledge Base

Top WP Plugins That Can Help You Build A Better Website

Tired of answering the same questions over and over again? What about your customers who may be getting tired of having to wait for those answers? Turn the task over to Heroic Data Base.

With this plugin you can give your online presence an ability to answer customers’ questions promptly, help them search or additional information they may be looking for, and do so 24/7. How’s that for customer service?


We’ve mentioned some of the good stuff you can put on a baked potato to not only make it a treat but an in-demand item as well

Browse through our list of top plugins one more time. Pick one or two that will make your day. They will also provide you with a website-building treat that will last through 2019.


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