cial media is a good platform to promote your business and broaden its reach. Google Plus, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social media platforms can be used as your marketing channel. However, don’t fall into the traps that will ruin your campaign. Here are 10 things you shouldn't do in your social media marketing:

1. Ignoring feedback

Social media marketing, unlike other types of marketing, will bring you many feedback quickly. This is because you are interacting directly with your audience. The worst thing to do for you is to ignore their feedback about your promotion.

2. Not making good conversation

Social media marketing is about good conversation with your audience. Your success depends on that. If you never create good conversation with your audience, then your social media marketing will give you very little result for your efforts.

3. Abandoning your campaign

4. Not targeting your audience

The scope of social media marketing is too broad if you don’t target your audience. In fact, social media marketing can be done effectively if you have narrow and targeted audience. So, target your audience carefully, especially if you are using Facebook Ads.

5. Producing vague daily information

Many marketers fall into this trap. They are updating their social media accounts with vague daily information, such as quotes and useless talks. It is important to post your update daily, but use it wisely. Instead of posting quotes, you have to post useful information related to your business.

6. Social media audience is not my real customers

Your audience in social media marketing should be treated as real prospective customers, just like your other promotions. Most people taken their social media marketing audience for granted. Remember that those people are interested in your product, so you should treat them like other customers that you have.

7. Not branding your business

In social media marketing, branding is very important. If you don’t brand your business in your social media marketing, you will not be able to spread the word about your business. Take this opportunity to familiarize your brand to as much people as possible.

8. Not being patience

Twitter followers and Facebook fans may give you low response rate, but don’t give up. Social media marketing should be done relentlessly in order for you to see the real result from it. Patience is the key to success. If you don’t see good response in your first few weeks, be patient and continue your approach.

9. Not personalizing your marketing

You have to promote your business as a person, not as a vague entity. After all, this social media thing is about connection between persons. It is better and will bring you better result if you personalize your marketing.

10. Not optimizing for the search engine

Make sure that your social media marketing carries good implementation of SEO. It is important for your business to be searchable in the search engine. That’s why you have to optimize your campaign for the search engine.

Those are things that you shouldn't do in social media marketing. Those are the traps you should avoid in order to efficiently carry out your marketing plan.


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