Yellow is a striking color that grabs attention. In Color Psychology, yellow is said to create feelings of optimism and happiness. It can also impart a sense of fun and good times. It is a vibrant color and can increase creative thought.

Using yellow in your business card can invigorate and inspire potential clients. Whether you use it as a base color or pick out certain details like a logo or name, it can be a very powerful advertising tool.

Following are some great examples of yellow business cards and some of the reasons why they work. Take a look at these awesome designs.

Handyman cards can be pretty boring – “we fix things”- so adding the ruler marks and jazzing it up with a warm yellow makes this card inspiring and welcoming. It also helps it to stand out in the crowd.

This card takes minimal design to a whole new level with the only thing visible at first sight being the ducks bill. This creates a fun card and piques curiosity as to what is hiding inside. The yellow of the ducks bill is definitely what grabs the attention and then within the card, the important info is highlighted in yellow. A perfect use for this vibrant and creative color.

Using pressed images on the back of this card in bright yellow adds another dimension and creates a point of interest on an otherwise minimal card.

The clever use of yellow for the logo and business name ensure that the eye takes in the name and logo before anything else. The rest of the card is quite minimal which helps the logo to stand out even more.

This is a great, easy way to create a business card that minimizes costs. The use of yellow card here is vibrant and attractive. It is simple and bold, with the stamp details easy to read off the background. Also once you have the stamp you can embed it on anything you like to make your business cards even more original – you could try square cards, cards that double as beer coasters - the only limit is your imagination.

The embossed yellow background on this card is eye catching & quite pretty. The white details soften the yellow and the pattern allows the eye to be drawn inward to the information.

This card is very different to the norm. This type of card allows you to write a personal message on each individual card, thus tailoring information to each client. Because there is not much to the card in the form of a logo or information, the yellow background and lines create interest and the card is as memorable as can be.

Who doesn’t think of Taxis when they see yellow? The use of yellow for a taxi driver’s business card is simple, obvious yet very effective.

Thinking of gardens and gardening evokes thoughts of warm earth, green plants and warm yellow sun. Thus using a yellow base with a brighter green conjures those beautiful images and inspires gardening, and hopefully leading to buying lush green plants.

This clever play on words uses images of cute fluffy yellow chickens to create interest and attract attention. With so much activity and competition on social media sites like twitter, a card like this may just give you the advantage you need.

Business cards are often overlooked these days but every serious designer, freelancer, or small business owner needs a great business card. And if you are a designer what better way to showcase your skills than through a business card that embodies who you are.


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