If you already have a WordPress website, you have a good understanding of what the WordPress platform’s capabilities are. We mean in terms of flexibility and performance. WordPress is an open source software platform. Thus is amenable to many different types of expansions and improvements. Excellent themes and essential plugins for WordPress being two noteworthy examples.

Website builders have profited greatly from having access to these cool WordPress plugins and themes. The problem with the latter is that there are so many of them that it can be a real headache trying to find one to satisfy a particular need.

We have tried to simplify matters for you. We assembled a collection of 10 of the best WordPress plugins in their respective categories. In hope that at least one of them will address a particular need you have, scratch an itch, or even make your day!

1. Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

best wordpress plugins

This Amelia WordPress booking plugin fully automates booking activities and interactions among clients, employees, and company management. It replaces low-level, yet vitally important manual work that can be time-consuming, costly, and error prone.

With Amelia:

  • Client booking, rescheduling, or canceling appointments can be done online 24/7 from the application’s front end, eliminating wait time and phone tag
  • Booking for one-time or recurring events; events can be shown on calendar view
  • Reminders and notifications to clients is done automatically and cuts down no-shows dramatically
  • Employee assignments and work schedules are tracked and managed; employees can charge different rates for different assignments
  • Deposit and payment processing can be accomplished online
  • Amelia can manage an unlimited number of clients, appointments, and employee assignments at multiple locations from a single platform

It takes but a few clicks to install and configure Amelia. Amelia is easy to use, well documented, and customer support is there for you should you ever need assistance.

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2. wpDataTables

best wordpress plugins

The wpDataTables WordPress useful plugin was designed to create interactive, responsive, and fully customizable tables and charts quickly, easily, and effectively so they can be readily inserted into any WordPress page or post.

By incorporating wpDataTables into your design toolbox you can:

  • Create tables and charts that can be edited and maintained from the front end
  • Take advantage of advanced multi-criteria filtering and single or multiple-column sorting techniques to present information precisely the way you want to
  • Create tables and charts from virtually any source and in any of the most widely used formats
  • Integrate Formidable Forms data types
  • Apply Conditional Formatting techniques to highlight or color code key data or information
  • Create dynamic charts by invoking HighCharts, Chart.js, or Google Charts

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3. Visual Composer Website Builder

best wordpress plugins

This aptly named drag and drop ReactJS-based website builder empowers its users to create professional looking sites fast, easily, and stress-free. Visual Composer features a WordPress page builder, templates, blocks, extensions, and other design elements that combine to eliminate any need for coding.

The Visual Composer plugin is ideal for –

  • Creating high-conversion landing pages and catchy popups for marketing professionals
  • Creating the pixel-perfect pages web designers need to sell their skills and products
  • Building beautiful WooCommerce-based shops
  • Design mobile-friendly sites with the help of auto-responsive layouts

Key features include 500+ templates and SEO-friendly content elements that can be downloaded from the Visual Composer Hub, responsive design elements, and fast performance.

Visual Composer enables you to design an entire website including headers and footers. A free version is available and a premium version can be purchased for as little as $49. Customer support is first-class.

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4. Stacks

best wordpress plugins

Stacks is a drag and drop plugin application that enables you to create WordPress websites and mobile apps.

  • Stacks integrates seamlessly with both WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Certificates needed to publish an app on Google Play and App Store are automatically generated
  • An Android & IOS Application Package can be generated and uploaded with a single click
  • Stacks integrates with the same payment gateways of WooCommerce

You can rely on 24/7 support.

5. Slider Revolution

best wordpress plugins

More than just a WordPress slider builder, Slider Revolution works seamlessly alongside other popular WordPress page-building tools to provide its users with the powerful visual editing capabilities needed to produce jaw-dropping responsive designs without any need for coding.

Slider Revolution –

  • Features an all-encompassing collection of sliders, blocks, WooCommerce carousels, and special effects
  • Provides access to a royalty-free media library
  • Is regularly updated with new features

7+ million users have given Slider Revolution a 4.75 rating.

6. Logic Hop

best wordpress plugins

Supercharge your site and marketing potential with content personalization. Logic Hop brings the power of content personalization to your fingertips, and by doing so it enables you to –

  • Significantly increase customer conversions
  • Streamline marketing operations
  • Tailor your content to special or unique audiences

Logic Hop works with Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor and any other WordPress page builder.

7. Heroic Inbox

best wordpress plugins

Heroic Inbox enables companies to share the contents of departmental inboxes and retrieve and share past email communications, promotes team and departmental collaboration, and makes achieving Zero Inbox status a reality.

  • Emails are managed directly from the company’s website
  • Metrics are tracked to measure individual and team performance

Heroic Inbox eliminates any need for third-party email management systems.

8. Tablesome

best wordpress plugins

Tables can be created in or imported to Tablesome for embedding into any WordPress page or post.

  • Tablesome plugin features include data search, sort, and filter capabilities and styling and pagination options.
  • Filters can be added on the backend or frontend and are especially useful when working with thousands of table records
  • The same shortcode can be used to embed the same table in multiple locations

Tablesome tables are responsive, editable, and theme friendly.

9. Ads Pro Plugin – Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

best wordpress plugins

The Ads Pro plugin is considered by most to be the best ad manager for WordPress.

  • An Ads Pro user can manage an unlimited number of ad spaces, sold ads, and free ads
  • Clients can be granted access to manage their own adds from the front end
  • Ad generating features include 25+ responsive templates and 20 ad display styles
  • Clients can submit payments via Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce, or Bank Transfer

10. Static Pages

best wordpress plugins

If you want to improve sales by adding a beautiful landing page, or a page with a subscription form, Static Pages is for you.

  • Static Pages can offer the perfect solution for achieving maximum SEO
  • Any static page can be published on WordPress with any URL in seconds
  • Static Pages can provide a handy way to quickly test a new product or a design idea


Maybe you are looking for the coolest WordPress plugins to take your business to the next level. Or, improve your site’s conversion rate, or automate or streamline a workflow. Then you might just find a solution here.

There are 58,000+ WordPress plugins for you to choose from, which is nice. But you probably don’t have the time it could take to find the right one for your purposes. You need the essential WordPress plugins.

We have tried to make it easy for you with this selection of expertly chosen premium WordPress plugins. Any one of them might answer your need, and might even make your day!


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