Niche website is a website dedicated to share information about one narrow topic. Creating a niche website is one of the most effective ways to earn affiliate income. Also, you will have more targeted audience that will visit your website which theoretically results in more conversion for you. Here are 5 traffic strategies that work best for website:

1. Double content backlink

Article marketing is the best way to increase your conversion in your niche. However, you need to diversify your article marketing campaign. It is good for you to apply double-content backlink, which is actually means two layers backlink. So, for example, if you create backlinks for your website in 10 different article directories, you should create another batch of backlinks pointing to your first backlinks. It will boost your website rank in the search engine easily.

2. Quality over quantity

There is one interesting strategy that you should apply for your website. This strategy is that you need to prioritize quality over quantity for the content of your website. So, you don’t need to have hundreds of pages for your website. Twenty to thirty pages will give you good conversion. However, for your backlinks, you have to prioritize quantity over quality. So, in other words, you will need to create some high quality content for your website and create medium quality content for your backlinks. Your website content should have at least 800 words for each article with high quality information.

3. Videos

Video is a great way to promote your niche website. Video can help you to explain about your content further. So, you have two advantages by creating your video. First, you can embed your video in order to add more content to your website. Second, you will need to publish your video to YouTube in order to embed it to your website and you will drive natural traffic from YouTube as well. This is a good way to spread the word about your website.

4. Short e-book

This is another strategy to attract more traffic to your website. By creating a short e-book, you will let your customers get more information on your website and turn them into regular website visitors. This should also be helpful when it comes to converting your product or service. At this point you will not want to complicate your life and what you will really need is just to share some small tips related to your niche.

However, you will need to make sure that the tips you give in your e-book are valuable for your visitors. Almost every successful niche website has at least one short e-book that they give away to their visitors.

5. Social media

Promote your websites on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and then bookmark your pages in many different social bookmarking platforms. To strengthen the power of your backlinks from your social media, you can also bookmark your backlinks as well. This will help you to create strong backlink support for your website.

These are 5 traffic strategies that work best for your website. Almost every kind of website I know uses the 5 traffic strategies above. So, if you want to have solid traffic for your website, apply those strategies in your traffic building process.


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