The great people of PixelKit have some awesome news for you today! You could be one of three lucky people to win an annual subscription to their program. Here’s what you need to know:

The winners will get an annual membership account at for free.

PixelKit has thousands of different graphics. They are all high quality and make a great addition to any page. Web designers, promotional professionals, and others can benefit from this awesome membership. These UI kits are perfect for anyone and everyone. They include everything you might want or need when it comes to awesome apps and designs. Just look for yourself and you’ll see what we mean.


Save all kinds of time and money by entering here for your chance to win a free one year membership. PixelKit will help you get your work done so much faster, easier, and better. All you have to do is click a few buttons and you could be on your way to a nicer and less complicated career.

If you do win, here are some of the kits you can choose from:

Dark Velvet - Dark UI Kit

For a sophisticated and elegant look, this kit is just what you need. Give it a try - you won't be disappointed.


Swanky Outlines - Outlines Icon Set

Metro lovers will love this kit, as it presents a suave and swanky appearance that is sure to please.


Crooked Stats - Stats Infographic Kit

This kit is great for the info-maniacs out there. People who need to present complex information in an easy-to-read way.


Vanilla Cream - Light UI Kit

This comfy and relaxed appearance is great for chill sites like a coffee shop page or a local bistro.


Flat Jewels - Flat Icon Set

This kit is a great addition to any site that needs a little pop of color or a dazzling make-over.


Chubby Stacks - Fresh UI Kit

This kit has over 100 different applications to choose from and it will be a huge hit with just about anyone, without a doubt.


Contest Details & Rules

  • The 3 lucky winners will get a free Annual Membership Account from PixelKit each.
  • You can tweet the message as many time as you want, but only one entry is allowed to enter. Duplicate email entries will be disqualified.
  • The contest ends on August 15, 2013. Three winners will be selected randomly from the comment list, so everyone has an equal chance of winning. Winners will be contacted through email.
  • Don’t worry if your post isn’t published immediately. This is caused by our spam filter mechanism, so please be patient.

    The results will be announced here on the 16 August 2013 (GMT +08:00). Winners will be contacted through email so please be sure to check that you've given us a correct and valid email address (also, if you didn't complete all the steps, you will be disqualified).

    Good luck everyone!


    The contest is now over, the winners of this giveaway are: @xzykho, @lambiris, @WPSector;

    Congratulation and enjoy your new PixelKit accounts.

    Thank you to everyone who participated!


    • Kanchan Adopolini
      Love all of the UI elements - would definitely use this!
    • Rai M.
      The variety of UI elements is a draw for me: I love having a unique website, so the extra customization would be useful.
    • Raul Queiroz I need my sites and apps are unique. I will use as the basis for customization and time saving.
    • Vidit Kothari
      Will be so obliged if i win this awesome resource so that I may use it in my client websites (stating awesome PixelKit with it) :D Tweet:
    • Ashmita Dobariya
      Nice combinations of Themefuse WordPress themes and PixelKit for UI design. Being a fan of icons, I would love to win Swanky Outlines Outlines Icon Set. Because I believe Iconic design is the modern design.
    • Athanasios
      Really awesome stuff! We could use these in our projects!
    • Valeria Marcinkeviciene
      tweet url: how you would use the graphics: I will use it for my mockups creation and also for personal projects, which I prepare for my portfolio. why you should win: Because I am a huge fan of graphic design and especially of icons and fonts :). Also, I like to see others works for inspiration.
    • Nicole
    • Naomi
    • Alex Powell
      I wish to use them to create infographics to skew statistics (that may or may not exist) to achieve goals that may or may not be evil! Also I need to start producing a portfolio for myself and produce real infographic work as well
    • SusanD crochet addict uk
      Fantastic giveaway! I am following on facebook crochet addictuk and I tweeted
    • Chris 2.0
    • Tate
      Awesome kits~ Tweet:
    • Emanuel Mares
      This is my submission:
    • jujube
      Hello from France ! And thanks for this contest !
    • Evan Lima
      I wanna be a pixelkit user because that will be improve my website pixels!
    • Costel Sandu
      Would use this subscription to improve my design skills, cheers Fantastic giveaway
    • Berrin S.
      I love the UI elements offered in pixelkit, and would definitely use them in projects!
    • WP Sector i love these ui kits!
    • Adam Anlauf Would be nice to win something that shortens the design time
    • CyberHunger
      I wanted to do my website and this "tool" is AWESOME!
    • Luiz Antonio Adolphs Junior