Your logo represents your brand, whether it is your sports team, your charity or your small business. A good logo helps you build brand recognition every time it is seen on your building, business card, company T-shirts and branded swag. Yet many businesses do without one or have a minimalist logo because they don't want to hire an artist or marketing firm to create a unique logo. They just can't afford it. However, you don't have to pay for a logo anymore.

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Hand-drawn Logo Options by Ramotion

Where You Can Go to Design a Free Logo

Where can you go to design a free, unique logo for your website, your business or your organization? There are a variety of do-it-yourself logo creation platforms that cater specifically to these groups. The challenge for many is finding a free service that's as good as the services you'd need to pay for. The solution for this market is an online logo design maker.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Logo Maker?

An Online Logo Maker is an advanced logo creation tool that is simple for beginners to use. You start by selecting from a wide array of existing templates. You can even search through their categories of existing logos to find one suitable for your type of business. They have pre-existing templates for everything from food producers to childcare providers, engineering firms to financial firms. Or you can choose from completely stylized designs and transpose your initials on them

However, you aren't limited to their library of existing logos. You can further customize the templates as you see fit. The online logo design tool allows you to insert almost any design element you want. You can change their colors, opacity, gradients and strokes. You can group and ungroup elements so that they can be easily moved as needed. You can copy, delete and rotate individual elements in the logo at will.

Another benefit of an online logo design maker is that it allows you to choose from a wide array of Google fonts. You don't have to worry about whether or not that stylish font will be translated correctly to the customer's screen when they visit your website. Furthermore, the online logo creation tool allows you to add your initials, your company name or a tagline to the logo. It is as easily manipulated as any other design element, so you can move the tagline around until you find the perfect location for it.

The biggest point in favor of the online logo maker is that it is truly free to use. Other services let you create a logo for free with their tool, but they require you to pay for them to promote your business or their service on social media. The logo creator doesn't make you advertise for them in exchange for the final design file you need to promote your business. Yet the creation tool provides a transparent .png file that you can use almost anywhere, and they give you a package of files that makes it easy to import your new logo to your social media profiles. This means you will be able to upload your logo design to your website and social media profiles as soon as you've finalized it.

They make their money offering deals on custom logo design and provide a full array of graphic design and website design services.


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