Nowadays, online logo design tools are appearing all over the web. At first there was just a handful of sites with easy-to-use tools to create inexpensive logos by yourself. But these past 10 years, we have seen a number of sites push the online logo design industry even further. Today, you don’t need a design agency. You can design a logo that looks just as good online and for a fraction of the price! But the most important thing about online logo design is that you do it yourself, which means you stay in control throughout the whole process.

With online logo design, you won’t be going back and forth with a designer or agency. You work on your own brand by yourself with the online tools and graphic elements available on the site. Designing a logo is very simple and only takes around 10-15 minutes to finish. Of course this all depends on the number of details that you put into your logo.

What does keeping control over your logo design really mean?

You can be fast and efficient

First of all, you keep an eye on the whole process. As you move forwards in your design, you see how your logo is evolving every step of the way. There is no down time, most designers and agencies will take 1-2 weeks to design the first drafts and during that time you will be biting your nails wondering how the outcome will be... And also if the logo will look any good... With online logo design, you can really stay on top of things and design something that comes straight out of your imagination. Most online logo design sites have a step by step design process that guides you along the way. Once your finished designing, graphic files are downloadable directly from your user account and you won’t have to wait, the logo will be available immediately after purchasing. This means that you can get started on other things like your social media pages, website and printed products right away. Less time waiting around and more time spent on the important things.


Your logo reflects who you are

What better wait to make a logo that speaks to you then designing it yourself! When you connect yourself to the online logo maker, you will be able to choose from a range of logo templates. These templates can be customizable with the online logo tools. You can move around graphical elements, change colors, manage your logo layout, add extra elements and lots more. Remember that the more you involve yourself in the design process, the more your logo will be apart of you. When you start designing your logo yourself, there is a notion of liberty and pride in doing so.

Manage your logo hassle free

Once you're Finished making your logo, downloading the files is very easy. You can do so directly from your user account and at any time of the day. When you start up your own brand, you're most likely going to want to create stationary products, merchandise and other things like that. Making quick adjustments to your logo is doable in a matter of minutes. What would usually take days with a designer or agency online takes you a few minutes. And the best part about it is it’s free! Good online logo design sites also provide an online printed product service. So if you’re worried about contacting a printer, designing online printed products is just as easy as designing logos.


The great feature of online logo design is also the options that you can purchase on the side. Good logo design sites offer a range of options like the social network option. the social network option takes your logo and adjusts the size and layout for you so that you can easily use it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profiles. The vector logo option is also a must have. This file format is indispensable for large printed products like signs, etc.

Save time and money on your logo and give online logo design a try. It’s free to try so there are no financial commitments to make upfront. Online logo design is quick, easy and cheap. It’s time for you to get creative and start designing your online logo today!


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