Change is constant. Technology evolves without end. There is no stopping it. All parts of the world that involve technology in some way are going to grow and evolve as well. 2019 has shown many intriguing trends in web design begin to take hold, and how those are poised to change in 2020 is incredibly exciting.

The last decade has seen technology explode. The mobile space has taken hold as the dominating force of the tech world. Things like altered reality and virtual reality are coming into their own and beginning to become mainstream. These developments are very exciting, and how they can be used to propel web design is as well.

Aesthetics and technology have both been growing side by side over the past decade. We’re talking major changes in design and implementation across the board. Think along the lines of bold color choices, gradients, vibrant asymmetry, and illustrative creativity. Visual advancements have made webspace and mobile more aesthetically appealing than ever. These trends will of course continue, and visually appealing design will continue to improve, and grow more impressive.

As technology improves, so do layout and structure. Websites are actually becoming “smarter”. Machine learning and adaptive processes allow for unique web interactions. 2020 will see the culmination of trends that have been building for a decade. As well as the emergence of trends that have been born from the technological achievements of that decade. Web design trends may shine a light in a possible direction, but which direction the design industry will turn is always going to be unknown. Nothing is set in stone.

The front-end developers design toolbox is growing packed full of new tools, and it looks like even more capabilities are on the horizon. How will these be utilized? Here are a few of the trends predicted in web design going forward.

web design trends

Landing Page for Real Time Game Analysis by Ghani Pradita

Bold Colors While Staying Sleek

Standing out can be everything. Bold and vibrant colors allow a website to pop and grab the viewer’s attention. Past trends have been toward more subdued, toned down, or safer color pallets. With the emergence of modern screens being able to support this dynamic vibrancy, designers can take advantage of these bold themes to quickly grab and hold attention.

It is important that this is balanced with a certain level of simplicity. It can be important not to overload a viewer. Using bold and exciting colors can be great but may need to be balanced by making sure the content is not too excessive. This need for balance can also help with pushing towards other trends that have found effectiveness in simplicity and minimalistic approach.

Super powerful smartphones have become the norm. Taking advantage of easily accessible, visually stunning, eye catching content only makes sense.

web design trends 2020

D E S I G N - Creativity is to discover by Surja Sen Das Raj

Integrated GIFs and Animations

Video is growing closer than ever to pushing forth as the standard. As technology grows and load times and page refreshing minimize, video is poised to take over. The current state of video, however, still runs the risk of losing the interest of viewers due to potential load waits.

This is where animation and integrated GIFs come into play.

Parallax scrolling is becoming more popular and animation can lend itself well to this. Evolving imagery that changes with the interaction of the viewer has great potential to really take off this year. Scroll-over interactions can also lend well to this animated quality.

Animation has a wide range of possible uses and loads much quicker and more seamlessly than full video. It can run so smoothly that it can be used in integrated ways that video is still far off from achieving. Animation can bring the visual appeal and engagement of motion graphics to areas of user interaction that video cannot.

Animation offers an engaging and unique touch for a webpage. Illustrative animation can be used to demonstrate, teach, outline, guide, and inform. Custom illustrations can demonstrate product use or guide a viewer through the process of using a service.

Mobile is also becoming an incredibly major player in webspace. Animation is vital to mobile presentation, and as mobile begins to overtake desktop internet consumption, animation is sure to grow in prevalence. However, screen limitations on varying devices can potentially change the experience offered by animated elements.

As we will discuss coming up, video is still a huge draw and a definite direction for trends in 2020, but because of video’s limitations, the advancement of animation and alternative motion graphics will be a large focus for coming web design advancement.

Video Integration

Video is not new, but it is not going anywhere. Users have been shown to stay longer on sites to consume offered video material. Video is the leader in web trends, and that is not slowing down. The landscape of web design is quickly beginning to demand video content on some level, and those levels of inclusion are increasing every year.

Video content can be incredibly effective in engaging viewers. There are still certain limitations and drawbacks such as load times and mobile formatting, but make no mistake, video is the driving force behind modern web design. There are, however, some key considerations to keep in mind when deciding how to use video going forward. Learning from how this trend has grown over the past years can be helpful in deciding how to proceed with video as a trend going forward.

Engaging with video content quickly is key. The uses of video can be vast, but video is used very effectively to present and explain your content concisely, and to hook the viewer and convince them they want to find out more. Five minutes or fewer seems to be the consensus standard for engaging viewers without risking the loss of their attention.

Relevant content to the page. Your video content on each page should be clearly related to the function you are trying to provide on the page. Deliver your information as organized as possible and you will see more clear and direct engagement. Streamlined organization and page management is a clear trend going forward, as well as learning how to maintain this approach on pages built with parallax scrolling.

Don’t Overuse. This has been something learned over the development of video integration. Simplicity is important, and text information can still be very valuable. Some information is much more digestible as text. Creative typography is another important trend going forward in 2020.

The Developing and Refinement of Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence.

Chatbots seem to be a very important growing trend, and part of a larger, and even more important trend on the slightly more distant horizon is artificial intelligence. Chatbots imitate real human conversations and interactions. AI systems are growing, learning and becoming more adept at being woven seamlessly into interactions. These bots collect massive pools of data on frequently asked questions. The future goal is to be able to immediately respond with corresponding answers to even more complicated inquiries. This technology is currently being used, but there are differences in how it can be implemented the coming trend leans towards true AI processing.

There are 2 main ways in which chatbots aggregate, process, and draw data. The first is through database collection. Essentially these bots just compile and draw from a database to analyze and provide what is needed. They almost function, in practice, as an advanced automated FAQ system. The second, however, operates on a larger concept with great future potential. As artificial intelligence is refined it will allow users to interact on a personal basis. Not just retrieving information, but truly feeling as though the experience is individualized. AI models for chatbots are learning and tailoring directly to those they interact with.

chat web design

Chat - Property dashboard by Iftikhar Shaikh

One of the obvious benefits of chatbots is cost efficiency. The biggest drawback is that they currently cannot always provide a satisfactory interaction, and their effective uses are a bit limited by the complexity of the desired application. As AI grows, however, these drawbacks will recede. In recent years, capacity for effective use of chatbots has transformed from an annoying novelty to a valuable service. AI is one of the most important growing technology trends altogether, and as it evolves and strengthens so will AI integration into web design.

As we enter the coming decade, all the amazing technological advancements of the last 20 years are really starting to come together. Web design and online presentation is now not only firmly a part of our world but has been for almost 2 decades. With the new advancements in the mobile sector, the possibilities are limitless. 2020 will prove to further push the capabilities of web presentation. If you’re looking for a reputable Web Design Company that stays ahead of the curve, visit our website and reach out to revamp your organizations site well before 2020.


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