Actually the world of SEO optimization is a complete and wonderful thing for us to use and utilize the functions and tools. Now even thought the discussion around the SEO topics and can also be confusing for the people somehow. It is fact anchor text is a vital element and then unlocks each and every potential to the extent and then Google. Now it is the one thing and best as always for Search Engine to penalize spam and over the complete optimization anchor text.

Since actually Google releases and then the Penguin updates periodically and some of the SEO professionals and marketers take advantage of gaps and pushing up SERPs with the better tools and tricks. So as that when it comes to the relationship between anchor texts and then Google Penguin updates so the rule of thumb is very simple and easy to understand.

what is the natural anchor text distribution formula

Better anchor text categories

As before giving the specific tips and suggestion on the anchor text and optimization and then recap the major categories of anchor text in all around. Actually exact matches’ keywords are more focused will be more beneficial for any of the site to get it on the top in Google. Actually WSOL blog and work to keep as updated about latest news and brands so then released perfectly. So as that ensuring are that if you have the knowledge you required to get succeed in ensuring and then the perfect site can also be found in online searches.

How much important is anchor text

Actually the WWW is built around links and whether those are external or the internal links from one page to other. Basically it is a link that clickable on the texts and also it is the first paragraph of blog which is on regular bases. It is best as upheavals caused and then search engine algorithm updates for any of the detail which is required.

Actually into the earlier days of SEO a complete site rankings in search results were determined not only by the number of links pointing to that site but also by the anchor text of those links. So as that it is fact unfortunately it meant that sites were able to game the pure and perfect system by creating as lots of links to their site possible and ensuring such links.

Tips for using anchor text

It matters as how to make sure and as and then the absolutely right way. On the time building links to the site and then tries not to use specific anchor text like the click here or visit this page something like that. Instead of use such tools and tricks letting both the users and search engines to know what they can expect to get lots of useful links and backlinks.

While including targeted keywords in the anchor text of links to the site can also help and support to improve the ranking of search. We also have to make sure these links and are used in a proper way that is relevant to the content or the pages that are linking to the site and also to use natural language rather than unwieldy phrases built around keywords and tags.


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    Good article! How many types of anchors do you know? What about targeted anchor text?