Marketing is one of the most important factors for successful business. Without marketing, there might be no customers unless you have a real niche business. But most of the businesses require a marketing strategy to become at least somewhat successful.

It is really important to have good advertising to establish a new customer base as well as that advertising must help to contain the loyal customers you already have. A pretty big mistake that businesses make, is that they forget their loyal customers and get a lot of negative feedback online which is hard to conquer.

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Good branding strategy has to cover a creation of an appealing logo, visuals as well as a memorable and catchy slogan. Today, I am going to write particularly about the importance of the slogan and how does a great tagline sound. A pretty good slogan should represent the spirit of your entire company and capture the main mission of it. It is not an easy task to come up with a tagline that would instantly make consumers think of your brand. You can use such a tool as a slogan generator to get some inspiration and ideas for your business tagline.

Here are the main things you need to keep in mind to make a distinguishable and memorable slogan for your business.

Target Your Business Niche

It is really important that your slogan would not be too generic and broad. If you are making breakfast cereal, you do not want that your slogan would remind of woodcutting. Probably the most famous and iconic slogan of all times Nike’s “Just Do It” is the best example of this. It might seem too broad at first but when you think, a lot of people say to each other when they are talking about how they should begin exercising “just do it” and they said it way before Nike started using it as a slogan.

So, you should analyze your niche and find what kind of slogan would be applicable mostly to your company or product. Also, you might try to listen to how your customers are communicating maybe they use some kind of a saying that you could use as a slogan? Maybe by doing that you will succeed like Nike did.

Try to Stand Out from the Crowd

The slogan of your company must be really unique and memorable unless you have a real niche business that does not have any competition. Almost every one of your competitors might have a slogan to attract customers, you might try to check them and analyze the bad and the good of them.

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If you want to succeed and attract more customers, the key for that is to stand out with your marketing, get customers attention first and try to be as memorable as possible, a unique slogan can help with that. While trying to come up with an exceptional slogan do not forget that it must represent your company. In other words, do not go too far from your business with it.

Try to Keep it as Short and Simple as Possible

Human’s brain is not limitless and it cannot remember 20 words just by a glance. Therefore, you should try to keep your slogan as short and simple as possible. The optimal size of the slogan is from one to about seven words and preferably not more. By keeping it short and simple you make it easier to remember as well as pronounce it to your customers.

Try to come up with a short sentence that represents the essentials of your brand. When you come up with a slogan that you think is a good one, try to say it out loud and listen how it sounds as well as understand how easy or hard it is to pronounce it.

Be Consistent

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Understand that slogan is one part of your brand identity and marketing strategy. Try to keep your tagline, logo, and name as consistent as you possibly can. All of those brand identity items should have something in common and among all of those should be a sense of coherence. Try not to send contradicting messages to your customers.

Final thoughts

It is not that easy to come up with a good slogan as one might think. The creative process requires creativity, honesty, and perseverance. However, there is no better feeling when you finally come up with the one that sounds right to you.


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