Web designing encompasses various skills and disciplines that are responsible for the production and maintenance of your websites. There are different areas of web designing that include graphic designing, standardized coding, user experience design, search engine optimization, and interface designing.

A web design company is normally used to design front-end website designs that include writing markup as well. Without front-line web designers, a website is nothing but a piece of digital paper. It’s a web designer who takes the responsibility to construct the outer looks and feel of a website.

A web designer uses images, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to encode different patterns to produce quality graphics according to your needs and demands. They’re more creative, and master of picking pleasing color palettes.

web designer

Landing Page - Optalogic by Ali Sayed

Web designers structure websites in a way so that the flow of information on the website looks appealing and comfortable for the users. The creation of the cohesive interface of the website is one of the prime duties of a web designer. Here is the list for some of the duties that are performed by the web designers.

Ensure creative layout

For us, creativity doesn’t only mean thinking out of the box. It means, when needed, we create a new box. A web designer should not only technically sound but also ensure the creativity should not die in the technical work. We believe that not all web designers have a creative mindset, some of them are copy pesters as well.

The layout of the web site should be creative enough that can immediately catch the attention of the random visitors. For this, one can add funny cartoons, emojis, and other attention grabber signs on the landing page.

Story sharing

Never forget this golden rule, “Your website is your product, services, and the company itself. Design it as you want other people to see it as your brand.” A site can also be used as sharing your thoughts, mission, and vision through colors and signs.

What if you see a cartoon holding a can with a cigar in his mouth? You’ll quickly recognize him as Popeye. That’s how big brands share a story through graphics and colors.

Know technical languages

A web designer is a half web developer and he should have a good command of computer languages such as Java, CSS, and HTML. Along with other languages that are not as necessary but the web designers must have known how with them too.

These languages include jQuery, Adobe Suite, API web integration, and UX etc. Having a sound knowledge about Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing would be a plus point for the web designers.

Conduct website testing

After completing the interface of the website, there is a need to test it before making it live for the audience. A software named web testing is used to test websites or web applications for the clearance of potential bugs.

A web-based design needs to be cross-checked completely from end-to-end before it goes into the hands of actual visitors. This is the last step before the launch of a web site and it should be taken with immense care.


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