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Inspired by austrian painter Gustav Klimt’s in his Golden Phase, artist Tawny Chatmon celebrates the Beauty Black Culture in his series of uplifting portraits with cultural conceptions of grace, allure and strength. He says that the portraits are meant to "act as a counter-narrative and redemptive measure to uplift and elevate Black hair, tradition, and culture freeing us from negative stereotypes”. The intent is not to be confused with seeking validation, but rather an unyielding affirmation of Black beauty.

Each portrait photograph features a solemn posing child, dressed in 24 karat gold flourishes hand-painted ornate, with gilt garments that are directly inspired by Klimt. Explore more of Maryland-based artist through her Instagram.

TawnyChatmon TheRevelation Glory

TawnyChatmon I Have Yet To See The World But I Still Have Hope

tawnychatmon girlenlightened

tawnychatmon godsgift

tawnychatmon TheRedemption Castles

TawnyChatmon seeds sown low

TawnyChatmon theboythatchangedmylifehonored

tawnychatmon redemption 331

tawnychatmon Redemption blossom


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