Companies with consistent brand recognition across platforms can increase their revenue by up to 23 percent. This statistic is not being heeded by Jaguar or Volkswagen, which have redesigned their brands in exciting and creative ways, entertaining customers in India, Malaysia, and across the globe. Of course, under certain circumstances a brand revamp is exactly what a company needs. These certain circumstances are happening now.

Economic Impetus

The global economic lockdown hit automaking just as hard as it did most other industries. To inject interest into a brand that has little value now but will hopefully regain it once the economy reopens, Jaguar executives are rolling out new designs over the next few months, which include more identifiable vehicles and a health-first approach. Director of Design Julian Thomson believes that the pandemic will normalize electric vehicles: “I think it will probably encourage the health element of cars, as well as about how healthy cars are, and the damage they do.”

Volkswagen Malaysia is doing its own kind of revamping. Although it’s not officially connected to the pandemic, it’s likely being done for the same reason as Jaguar. Even the logo has been redesigned.

Volkswagen’s New Logo

The logo is now two-dimensional and flat, and can be seen on Volkswagen Malaysia’s website, which has also been revamped to include better navigability and mobile and desktop compatibility. The new logo can also be seen on the Mk8 Golf and ID.3 models. Eventually it will be plastered on the rest of the models sold in Malaysia and throughout the world. Now that the logo has been managed, Volkswagen's model names may be due for a revamp. ID.3 and Mk8 Golf seem to be lacking precision and identifiability. Product names should communicate the brand, be easy to say, and be culturally relevant. Volkswagen's models do not currently meet these requirements.

volkswagen 2019 new logo explanation

volkswagen 2019 new logo colors

Jaguar's Overhaul

More about Jaguar’s revamp: future Jaguar cars are being designed not just with the environment in mind, but brand recognition. Jaguar will need to stand out when automaking goes back to normal. Included in this redesign plan are striking interiors and subtle but distinct exteriors. Thomson says he wants to "move away from the middle ground and do things which are a little bit more exotic."

Both Volkswagen and Jaguar are being redesigned for a post-COVID world. Both brands will have to stand out to make up for lost sales. Volkswagen plans to accomplish this with a modified logo, and Jaguar with modified vehicles.


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