Rich-text editors, also known as online rich-text editors, are web components that allow users to edit and enter text within a web browser. Rich-text editors are used in numerous ways such as in enhancing your comment input form or as part of a web application that allows entry of user-generated and formatted content.


NicEdit is lightweight, no-fuss cross-platform rich-text editor that emphasizes user-friendliness and simplicity over barraging users with too many features. You can serve NicEdit remotely from the NicEdit website; all you have to do is copy a JavaScript code snipplet and voila – it just works (as well as saving your server some system resources).


NicEdit | Demo | Download


TinyMCE is an open source (under the GNU Lesser General Public License) rich-text editor released and maintained by Moxiecode. As indicated by the name, TinyMCE is lightweight but highly customizable through an intuitive API. TinyMCE’s plugin system allows you to download themes and plugins to extend the core installation.


TinyMCE | Demo | Download


Web professionals using the .NET framework that want to add editing capabilities to their web pages and web applications should check out FreeTextBox: a robust, fully-featured, and extremely popular rich-text editor for ASP.NET. It has a built-in image gallery, a helpful JavaScript API for customization, and a full list of editing controls for constructing tables, ordered/unordered lists, and even spellchecking (using the IE spellchecking engine).


FreeTextBox | Demo | Download


openWYSIWYG is a free and feature-packed web-based content editor that’s perfect for a host of content management systems. It has a very intuitive “table creation” feature to help users construct HTML tables. It also has a wide range of browser support including IE 5.5+ (Windows), Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.3+ and Netscape 7+.


openWYSIWYG | Demo | Download

05.YUI Library Rich Text Editor

The YUI Library Rich Text Editor is a UI control that’s part of the YUI Library. It’s a great solution for those already using YUI and individuals that want to save some server resources (since you can serve it directly from the Yahoo! servers). The YUI Library Rich Text Editor also has excellent mobile device support, making it a great web-accessible rich-text editing solution.


Yahoo! UI Library: Rich Text Editor | Demo | Download


markItUp! is a JavaScript-based markup editor built on top of the jQuery library. With markItUp!, you can easily turn any HTML textarea into a fully-featured WYSIWYG editor. It’s lightweight (the script weighs in at only 6.5kb), supports keyboard shortcuts, has a built-in Ajax live preview and many more features that make markItUp! an excellent choice.


markItUp! | Demo | Download


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