Creative designs with a touch of glamour can turn even the dullest project into a masterpiece. As a creative designer, enhancing the outlook of your project is a must if you want to impress your clients or simply to make your presentation beautiful. For photographers, the most important part to capture is the intimacy that comes with every photo. Although capturing photos or the moments is the most important part, the outcome is what matters.

Editing photos is a tedious process if you are looking for a certain edge, but with free design resources, editing becomes quite an easy task. In this article we look at free design resources you can use to make your project presentable, well articulated and with a great design.

10 Galaxy Photo Overlays

1. 10 Galaxy Photo Overlays

Getting the perfect overlay for your photos can be frustrating to say the least, even for veteran designers, perfection is never guaranteed. Using the free design resource will help you capture perfect picturesque and overlays for your photos. Photo overlays add the much needed dramatic flair and unique effects to your photo. These free resource gives you access to 10 overlays and each one comes in both JPG and PNG formats, in addition the overlays are compatible with any photo editing software or equipment. Download here.

10 HDR Lighting Presets

2. 10 HDR Lighting Presets

Lighting effects give photos character and untold stories. With the HDR lighting, you can make photos bold or lighter. The free HDR lightroom presets helps you create dark borders on the edges of your photos to give it a signature bold look. In addition you can use the black and white medium to refocus the objects in the photo for a powerful look. Moreover you can play around with your photos using filters to either increase the outlook or give it a smooth finish. The free HDR lighting presets are a perfect fit for an artistic look on all your photos. Download here.

Save The Date Card Editable Templates

3. 5 Save The Date Card Editable Templates

Wedding invitations have become so normal with little flair and beauty entwined to make the day intimate or special. Save the date templates give you different templates to match what you want. They are 5 templates which are editable and you can change it up to your wedding colors and design accordingly. Download here.

Vintage Photoshop Actions

4. 18 Vintage Photoshop Actions

Give your photos a vintage look with the vintage Photoshop actions whether you are in commercial print or just for personal use. Vintage effects have been made easier with easy to download Photoshop actions available to create your masterpiece. Capturing an image and redesigning it to have a vintage look can be a tedious process. Vintage design tools give access to free design resources and comes with an unlimited use of vintage tools. Compatible with CS4 and UP as well as 18 one-click action images you can use it instantly. Download here.

Seasons Greeting Photo Cards

5. 15 Seasons GreetingPhoto Cards

Every year, Christmas is a big deal, family and friends meet up to make memories. Beautiful cards are part and parcel of Christmas. Companies are always sending out Christmas cards to their clients. The 15 free Christmas photo cards templates are ready to use, simply insert your selected photos and a write up and you are good to go. Card templates are easily customizable and you can tweak them to exactly what you want and even more. Download here.

Benefits of Using Free Design Resources

Creative designers are creative thinkers but when it comes to design, creativity stands out. Using design resources not only helps improve your creativity but it boosts the outcome of your photos. Not to mention design resources are easy to customize, come with more templates to work with and offers you the opportunity to increase your project success.

Using templates also cuts down editing and creation time by half. The biggest part of the design process starts with the editing process and you need the right resources to help you with your project. Although there are already enough resources online to charge up your projects, creativity is still a challenge. Templates are a great addition and you can easily download and start creating your masterpiece in no time.


With these free design resources, turning ordinary products into extraordinary masterpiece projects is now easy. You can add some flair to improve the way your project looks by easily adding some effects for that expensive look.

Now you don’t have to pose for the perfect moment but can include effects to give it the glow it needs. It’s now over to you to try out the free design resources and turn those dull projects into provocatively good presentations.


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