Since the launch of Google+, online marketers are interested in unlocking the hidden potentials which may affect the organic search results. If you have a website that depends on Google for the traffic, then it’s high time you should take time to notice the changes made by the +1 bottom of Google+.

Google perhaps realizes the importance of social media and its immense value to the search results. Every comment or share on the social media has a human touch attached with it, which helps the search crawlers in ranking the search results. Preceding Google’s +1 bottom, the Facebook “like” and twitter “tweets” had a significant impact on the search results.

Now, Google wants every site to implement the +1 bottom on their pages, so as to measure the significant changes in the click through rate (CTR). Google might take the +1 vote in count, to rank the sites in the search results. The +1 bottom effectively connects the authors profile with the results; this will lead to create a brand with the author’s name. Users tend to visit the searches which have been trusted or recommend (as +1 in SERP). +1 will enable sharing and connecting results from recommend list of searches. Thus, reducing the spam and making the searches more efficient.


Another key feature in Google+ network is the “Circles”. Circle empowers the user to categorize their relations differently. Thus imparting the freedom to share their news and content with a particular group or “Circle” of people, rather than making them visible to public. This feature has enormous potential to impact the search results. Users will prefer to purchase or visit a site which is recommended by the people in their circles. In future when Google+ integrates more users, this “Circles” feature will become more efficient and can be used as a powerful SEO strategy.

By the end of this year when the “brand pages” of Google+ comes out, marketers will have to focus on building a strategy on Google+ as well, besides creating a brand on the traditional social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Not just because Google+ emergence as a social network but of the fact that Google can impact the search engine ranking profoundly.

What Google has done here is to integrate some of the most comprehensive ideas from their competitors in their campaign, to make the searches more about the real people. But the +1 bottom is susceptible to various black hat methods of SEO. People can trade the +1 bottom to generate false clicks or generate deals in exchange of a +1 click. Before putting too much emphasis on the +1 feature, Google algorithm should be able to differentiate the black methods with those from the traditional ones.

Therefore it will be too early to predict the authority of Google+ on the organic search results. Clearer scenario will emerge out when Google tunes in to regulate the network, in the months to come. But the enormous impact of these features cannot be neglected as there will be more Search engine ranking methods.


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