In the world of digital marketing, people deal with a lot of data and analysis in order to optimize campaigns that will give their website or clients a competitive advantage. Whether it is SEO, search marketing, display or social media marketing, tools that help automate processes improve productivity through the scalability of tasks. The team from digital marketing agency Digital Next have provided a list of their favorite tools that are a lifesaver for digital marketing specialists.

Google Search Console

There are so many functions within the Google Search Console that can help optimize the performance of your website.

Additionally, the platform gives webmasters a communication channel with Google. Google will notify webmasters of HTML improvements that they can make to their site, any errors such as broken links or any penalty notifications.


This tool is great for several reasons. You can easily benchmark your keyword ranking performance against other competitors in your field. The tool also tracks your website’s performance automatically. It is also has a keyword research tool that is more extensive than the keyword tool provided by Google. If you are on the lookout for any keyword opportunities, you can retrieve the data by search engine and country to implement in your content campaigns.

Google Analytics

You cannot manage what you aren’t tracking. That is why Google’s analytics platform is incredibly important to webmasters. Its simple installation process allows webmasters to identify the best performing sources of traffic. Monitor the traffic dashboard to learn more about which websites are referring you new traffic and what content they are engaging with on your website.


Although a pricier tool with a starting price of $99/month, the tool is great to use with link building outreach, content marketing and social media strategies. Let the tool do most of the legwork for you by providing you with content that has successfully engaged influencers on the web. The tool also gives you data to reach out to those influencers that are most likely to share and link to your content.


Email marketing is incredibly important for developing your brand presence on the web and engaging directly with your audience. Mailchimp provides an easy solution with emails to small database lists for free. Essentially, you will grow your email marketing skills and by the time you are successful, it is justifiable to pay for the additional service (which is still inexpensive).

This one is a newer tool on the scene, but people are raving about its benefits. For SEOs, link or content bait is one of the main ‘white-hat SEO techniques’ adopted and by mentioning people and notifying them, the chances of earning natural links and traffic are increased.


On the web, capturing data is one of the main factors that will drive the success for your business. There are several contact capture forms available, however HelloBar is clever since it floats on the website without obstructing the user experience. The button shakes subtly to draw attention to the web user to submit their details.


Need to find website data and information that you can use for prospecting or targeting web campaigns? Scrapebox is a specific data scraping software that is under $100. Automate your site’s prospecting by inserting keyword queries and websites to generate data lists.


Social media marketing can take up a lot of time. Scheduling posts on each platform can be time consuming. That’s why using buffer is helpful. You can schedule your tweets, Pinterest, Facebook and other social media accounts to publish content at a scheduled time.

Online and software tools help digital marketers gain a competitive advantage in terms of processes, productivity and scalability. Do you have any tools that you feel are essential in a digital marketer’s toolkit? Share your thoughts with us.


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