Do you want to be creative in sticker printing? Is it that much easier to be? Well, that’s the reason this website has named itself perfectly “i can be creative,” and so you will be. If you want to master the basics of sticker printing then knowing its process and types will be important for you.

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With the rise in popularity of stickers for all sorts of uses, it's no wonder that sticker printing is becoming a popular industry. While it is possible to print standard stickers at home, the high quality and sturdiness are nothing to the next which you can easily buy online. Not many people have printers with the ink required or have the paper quality needed, to make long lasting stickers.

Sticker printing, as with any technology, has greatly improved in recent times. It is no longer tied to the white on black, rectangular shape, thin paper stickers, but alternatively prints on a number of types and thickness of paper with limitless color choices; not forgetting the several sizes and shapes of stickers.

Types of Sticker Printing

Screen Printing

screen printing process

The most well-known but still most typical way of printing is actually screen-printing. It is an easy process that uses synthetic screens to print the image on the sticker paper. It's for simple printing, and usually for a limited quantity of stickers. Typically, the ink is squashed through the screen on the paper with a stencil on it. This process has to be repeated for each and every color used; a stencil for just one color is mixed and moved onto the paper. After that, a stencil is cut for the next color, and that color is usually pressed on the sticker paper. This process is redone till all colors are moved and the layout on the paper.

Letterpress Printing

letterpress printing

letterpress printing process

A type of printing by using a press and portable type is known as letterpress printing. An inverted, elevated surface is inked as well as pushed on the sticker paper to obtain a right-sided graphics. It is generally utilized on basic, small projects with only one color.


flexography printing

A much faster printing method, flexography makes it possible for printing to produce larger quantities of stickers. It's widely used in industrial printing. In flexography, a master print is made and then utilized to print the graphic on a sticker label as the platter which is folded over the printer paper. It is a well-known method for sticker printing.

Offset Printing

offset printing

In this style of printing, seen here by PFL, the graphic is moved from a platter or rubberized cylinder to the paper. Offset printing provides the printer a number of color choices and prints good color.

Four Color Approach

This particular process sets apart the colors of a good graphic into the CMYK formatting - cyan, green, black and yellow. Separate file types are made for each and every color and imprinted with specific ink in order that the graphic on the sticker label looks like the original picture.

Electronic Digital Printing

Probably the most sophisticated form of an art print is electronic digital. You'll be able to make adjustments up to the last second, such as color changes. In electronic digital printing, the particular ink is placed on the paper instead of being distributed around the paper. Electronic printing is not generally ideal for large quantities, however, is usually employed for individual printing for the house or small company. On the other hand, a type of electronic digital industrial printing transfers the graphics straight to the press without making discs.

Making use of a Professional Sticker Printer

It may seem that you can easily print your own peel offs if you have an electronic digital printer. And, that maybe true; having said that, the sturdiness and excellence of the sticker label will suffer greatly from what you will receive from a sticker printer, no matter which pro sticker printing process is actually used. Professional printers can easily print shade stickers in amounts in the thousands. Professional sticker printing businesses are easily available online and have a diverse range of stickers and customized sticker options.


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