In 2020, there is no doubt that people and technology will be very close friends in the future. The modern inhabitant of our planet spends about 45% of his time connecting with technology. We are already used to applying our gadgets daily for working, having fun, planning journeys, making meal plans, checking in with doctors, reading news, and communicating with friends or family.

Modern technology makes our life easier. But in fact, there is a lot of hard work of programmers behind it. All applications for your phone and computer are created by programmers. Computer games are written and tested by programmers. Thousands of people in the world write codes to make your life better, can you imagine that?

American writer Dan Brown in his book “Origin” described a potential future world in which people and computers will create a huge environment for opportunities to live a comfortable and happy life. It is difficult to say how soon it will happen. Nevertheless, the IT-industry is constantly evolving, and it means that the profession of programmers will definitely be relevant for long.

programmer illustration

Game Developer Illustration by Vivek Raveendran

Today's parents are encouraging children to learn programming from an early age, and more and more students are choosing programming as a future profession. The number of employees in the field is increasing. At the same time, there is a growing need for new specialists, because the IT-industry is a challenging space. In this article, we will describe why programming will be relevant for many years to come and what the future holds for us.

People Want to Live Easier

Machines simplify people's lives in all areas. Technology can do most of our daily routine. Many people work on computers and the Internet, and communication via e-mail or messengers takes only a few seconds. And this is only the beginning.

The average person is surrounded by a lot of gadgets. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, drones, fitness-bracelets – the work of all these things depends entirely on the programmers. From year to year, we can observe the appearance of new versions of gadgets. And that means programmers always have something to work on.

However, every minute, humanity goes beyond its means to a larger extent. Humans have started to create artificial intelligence robots, and it predicts that they will take a lot of work instead of us. It is estimated that by 2030 artificial intelligence will be so advanced that it will displace up to about 800 million jobs.

In this regard, the profession of a programmer is gaining momentum. Today, there are about 23 million coders in the world. It is predicted that in the next 5 years, their number will grow to 28 million.

Because of one simple program, such as calorie counting or workflow organization, a whole team of specialists – from developers to testers – works. The more complex and serious the development is, the smarter heads it attracts. Entire offices work on software development. In addition, programs are regularly updated.

It means that the world needs professional coders in various fields.

A Good Programmer Always Has a Choice

Programmers are in demand in most areas of our life. Soft skills are needed equally in medicine or education, as well as in the entertainment field. Many European countries are developing digitization in public administration as well.

Nowadays, about 90% of jobs require IT-skills. And that number is growing. Programming skills are needed not only to code but also to understand the environment that surrounds us. Therefore, programming education is becoming popular with both adults and children. That is why a number of European countries, including the United Kingdom, are introducing programming into schools.

developer illustration

Coder Dojo by Anna Kajda

Programmers and people with programming skills are needed not only in the IT-industry. Nowadays, more and more industries are attracting talented programmers. These include finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. Designers, data-analysts, scientists, engineers, journalists, and even artists also need relevant skills.

But, of course, most programmers work in the IT-field, because it is actually very huge. Programmers can be involved in both the creation of software for medical or scientific equipment and the gaming of training programs.

The programmer's areas of activity and tasks give them the possibility to learn and work with many different programming languages. According to various sources, there are between 250 and 9 thousand of them. The choice depends on what the developer wants to do – to work with data, to create mobile applications, sites, games, or something else.

Programmers Earn Good Money

As we know, the profession of a programmer is quite in demand. That is why it is really highly paid. The salary level, of course, depends on the professionalism of the developer and their skills.

On average, programmers in the UK earn about £57.5 thousand. In London, this figure reaches £72.5 thousand.

Working as a programmer often allows you to work at home or be a freelancer. Therefore, a talented developer can lead a few projects at the same time and receive more money, practice, and experience.

Every year, the IT-industry is embracing more and more areas and attracting more people. Studying coding at a basic level in the future will make everyday life easier. And in a professional way, it will bring great prospects and opportunities for development.


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