Some mistakenly think that programmers should just follow instructions and that’s it. In reality, it’s impossible to write codes without being a creative thinker. Creativity in programming is the ability to find and implement innovative solutions that have never been documented before. When a programmer encounters some task in programming, he/she has two ways. The number one way is to conduct research in order to find a ready-made solution to the problem.

how to creative thinker coding

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You can search for it in books, official documentation, and other professional sources. The second way is to come up with your own solution to the problem. The first way almost completely excludes creativity from work, with the exception of that small stage, when the programmer adapts the found standard solution to his/her specific case. The second way is truly creative. Professionals from Assignment Core apply the second way to doing programming tasks. Wonder how do they manage to think creatively while coding? Check the useful tips that will help you to be a creative IT specialist.

How to Improve Creative Thinking Skills: 7 Tips for Programmers

There are super creative people by nature. But not everyone can brainstorm creative ideas easily. Is there any way to become a creative thinker? Here are steps that will help you to find creative solutions to complex programming problems.

  • Think about how to turn ideas into reality. Has an interesting idea crossed your mind? Make a list of questions on how it’s possible to use it for the program. Brainstorm ideas on how it’s useful and what you need to implement your idea.
  • Look for at least three solutions to one problem. You should understand that each problem can be solved in several ways. Each task has more than one solution. You need to practice in searching for numerous ways on how to solve the same problem. A creative programmer will be able to brainstorm several solutions and find the best one.
  • Try to memorize each coding experience. Each time you need to solve a new problem, try to remember how you did it last time. Of course, you’ll face various problems. But they may have similarities. Each experience is valuable as it helps to attain new knowledge.
  • Allow yourself to look for creative solutions without pressure. Sometimes, the solution may come to you within minutes but sometimes it may take days. Writers and artists don’t create pieces of art under pressure. Just relax, distract your attention to something else, and you’ll see that a creative solution will come unexpectedly.
  • Try to think critically. Develop ideas using not only creative thinking but also critical thinking skills. It’s very important to analyze each piece of information. Conduct research and analysis before making the final decision on how to solve the problem best.
  • Look for the ideas using the research methods. Learn from professionals. How to do this? You should search for the programmers who have achieved success in solving similar problems. Learn from their examples. If you haven’t found anything that can be helpful for your case, turn to experts online. Today’s it’s as easy as ABC to get high-quality consultation from creative thinkers whenever you need it.
  • Avoid banality in solving coding problems. Not everyone understands that to become a successful programmer, thinking outside the box is a must. So, do your best to develop this skill. To do this, you’re recommended to improve your knowledge of the basics and then proceed to more sophisticated solutions that may require skills of the top level. “Oh My God, I have never faced this problem before! What to do?” – Never start panicking! Each time a person of any profession faces a new problem he/she thinks that it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to him/her. However, it seems like this when it’s outside your zone of comfort. Just make one step outside without being afraid that you’ll fail. Expand your horizon and you’ll see that there are many ways on how to deal with one and the same problem. It’s about altering your mindset. Think different and you’ll find numerous creative ideas that will be helpful for your project.

Remember that if you lack the skills for writing programs, you can always ask for professional assistance. So, always stay positive as you aren’t the only one who has passed the long way to becoming a creative programmer. Let your brain generate the ideas and don’t say “Oh, it seems to be a crazy solution” until you consider it in detail. Sometimes, the craziest solutions are the best! Keep in mind that these tips will help you to succeed not only in coding but in any sphere of your life. So, follow the tips above and apply creative thinking skills to any problem you need to solve.


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