Another rant on originality of theme design

When you come across a blog, most likely you will pay attention to the theme. Sometimes you may realize,”Hey, it has about the same style with XX blog.” Then you check the footer to see who is the designer and found out that it’s a different designer from the one that designed XX blog. Next, you might conclude that the later designer is a copy cat for creating about the same style design and graphic. But, think again, what is original (design) nowadays?

Never heard about vector packs?

Some people may not know that there is this thing call vector packs. You can get the vectors for free or you may need to buy or you may want to save the jpeg and vectorize it yourself (this is what I do some time). Those vector packs is easily accessible on the internet. Then some theme designer will use the vectors, tweak it to their liking and use it. Hence you will see some similar style or graphic on the internet.

There is so many designers on this earth.

First, there is 2 type of designers; flexible (can do different kind of design style) and one style designers. Nah, one style designers means they have their own fixed style and you can easily recognize them from their work. But, that doesn’t mean he/she is the only designers on this earth whom have that particular design style.

So, when you see the theme designed by A has the same style with the theme designed by B (and you see the design from A first), that doesn’t mean B is a copy cat.

It’s hard to define what is original in design nowadays.


  • Iris
    I totally agree on this! Very good argumentative if I may say! I enjoyed reading your blog!