Creative design is a complicated job as you need technical skills along with inspiration to come up with masterpieces. While the designs should be aseptically appealing, they also have to be functional and impactful enough to impress the users. Speed is another factor you cannot overlook because it matters a lot in the competitive landscape. You need to make sure that you can create the best at an optimal pace as well. Though you cannot press creative work too much, there are still some useful measures you can rely on for enhancing the value and speed of design work. Here is some handy advice that can help.

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Brazin' by Lauren Jones

Start with some good inspiration

When it comes to creative work, you always need some good inspiration to start. Fortunately, there is much available for modern designers as you can check Google for some great designs. The best part about browsing the internet is that it is fast and easy, and you can access endless options without spending anything. From logos to web pages, brochures or cards, you can get design ideas for practically any creative piece of work you want to create. Apart from accessing ideas from Google, you can also join some forums or communities to connect with like-minded artists for helpful inspiration.

Rely on pen and paper

Regardless of the innovative tools and apps that are available today, nothing matches the pen and paper design experiences. Even before you start creating a pattern on your computer screen with a mouse or go ahead with a project inside Photoshop or Illustrator, sketch your ideas on paper. It will help a lot, even if your drawing skills are only basic. You will have a clear roadmap from the start, so it will be possible to wrap up the task faster and without much rework.

Invest in the right computer

Your success with designing graphics will greatly depend on the device you work with. You wouldn’t want to wait for Photoshop to respond as you work on a high-resolution image. If you are still using an outdated computer, it is time to switch to the latest Mac model that has the right tools and features. Macs are fast and have designer-friendly features that give you a head start. You can use some additional hints to get speed improvements for faster work. It is going to be the smartest investment you can make because you can expect excellent returns in terms of work satisfaction and productivity.

Take a break

While having the right tools in place, you cannot ignore the importance of being prepared to give your best. Taking a break is as important as sharpening your tools because you need to be fresh and relaxed to keep your creative energy flowing. Turning off distractions like your phone and email is a great idea to stay focused on the design. Moreover, avoid multi-tasking because you may end up doing nothing.

Most importantly, great designs are all about understanding the expectations of the client and replicating them in the image you create. Working on your communication and listening skills can get you a step ahead in the right direction.


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