Berlin has become a hot spot for some of the most amazing artists, here's an interesting engineered machine. MORPH is one of the most incredible tech art installation project we’ve ever seen, a hexagonal tessellations wrapping into a warping sphere exploring the boundary between art and robotics, powered by 486 stepper motors, 86,000 LEDs and a 5 channel granular synth engine. The precision in control here is phenomenal, so resilient and constant. Looks organic.

The people behind it are Nicholas Perillo @augmentlstudio and Joshua Batty. Control Software, synthesis and firmware all written in Rust Language.

I wonder if you could use it as a bass equalizer/visualizer, that would go hard!

"Morph is a modular, kinetic, audiovisual installation that reaches beyond traditional 2D pixel arrays into the relatively untouched realm of 3D, life-like digital interactivity. It demonstrates the possibilities of functional tangible media prototypes and serves as a tool for experimenting with abstract machine movement and gesture to create personality and encourage interaction." Nicholas Perillo of AUGMENTL

mechanical art installation

morphing sphere art


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