I know some of you had been waiting for this, here your are, the volume 2 of Marvel super hero minimalist posters, all done by the very talented artist Marko Manev. I always enjoy how people can interpret the symbols of Comic Characters and Marko Manev took that to another level with a lot of Marvel Characters. You can view the Vol. 1 here:

The following designs represent the concept of minimalism. Minimalist is art characterized by the use of simple or primary forms or structures, which in this case are memorable superheroe symbols. These several posters each try to take a Marvel superhero or super villain, and distill each down to its very essence, culminating in what amounts to just enough to represent that character’s essence in a poster.

It’s amazing how well these posters convey the essence of their super hero characters, without all the crazy Photoshop fluff we see in so many movie posters, with a nice sort of vintage/retro feel to them as well! We hope you will enjoy this great collection!


  • Valentino Marazziti
    Wow. Really loving that Magneto one!
  • Rowan Toselli
    Awesome work!
  • Marilyn Hill
    Love, LOVE, Love these posters! I would buy several of them for my office! GREAT job, they look wonderful.
  • Garry
    Epic, thanks for compiling them!
  • Danielle
    Awesome ! Simply awesome …
  • XmenComics
    Wow! simple but incredible!
  • Bfx
    What is the font for "Iceman?"