What If Spider-Man Lived In Russia? Evgeny Zubkov is an illustrator and graphic designer from Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation), he created the Northern Spider, 'a personal experimental project about an alternative "spider-man" in the realities of the Siberian province'.

russian spiderman

The artist imagined a world where the legendary Marvel hero knows all about the ups and downs of living in the Russian ghetto. Spider-Man has a new hand-made suit and fights cyberpunk men driving crazy futuristic tractor machines. We just love the concept idea and obviously his craft to execute his vision in this detailed manner makes this even more impressive.

Would you like to see this Russian Spider-Man appearing in the Spider-Verse?

slav spiderman

east-european spiderman

soviet spiderman
siberian spiderman
russian peter parker
russian spider man
russian spider man
russian spider man

russia spiderman

winter spiderman

slav spider man cyberpunk

Ok, so the last one isn't from the series, but maintaining the same cyberpunk slav vibe and it fits perfectly in this alternate Spider-man reality (made by the same artist).


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