When you deal in luxury products, most of your target customers are in the high-end bracket. You must have a spectacular strategy to make an impact in this sector. With a weak or regular technique, they may not even glance in your general direction.

The price of your product is priced for high net worth individuals. Quality notwithstanding, you must get a customer to at least look at your product to come close to a sale. Unfortunately, you cannot sell luxury by spouting the word every third sentence.

The word is getting pretty close to getting listed as a cliché. In fact, the adjective is relative. What may qualify as luxury to you may be regular to your customer. It is best to play it safe. This is why getting the expert input of an agency such as Worldwide Media Group is a great strategy.

marketing techniques target high end customers

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The price of the product alone does not qualify it as a luxury item. There are other factors that come into play. While the marketing strategy may not be too far off from regular products, there are a few tips you need.

Sample the following pointers and try them out.

Wording Matters

As mentioned earlier, avoid slipping the word ‘luxury, into your sales pitch every so often. There are lots of synonyms you could use instead. A few include plush, prestigious, deluxe, lavish and many others depending on what you are selling.

Many buyers in the luxury category will use the word when asking to see your product. In fact, they are likely to raise an eyebrow if you use it. It grabs attention alright; just not the kind you want.

Make Your Marketing One-of-a-Kind

This should reflect all the way from your website to your physical presentation. An attractive site with glossy images and a clean layout is bound to get a customer to stay a little longer. Presentation is as important online as location is on the ground.

Ensure that your images are in full colour, and that the photography is high-resolution. You want your customers to visualize what they are getting. The details are of utmost importance.

Print! Print! Print!

Social media and websites are cool and all. However, nothing beats good old print media. Expert marketers know that a spread in the print media gets you more attention from this class of customers.

Even more importantly, the publications you opt for matter a great deal. Go for the newspapers and magazines that your target audience is likely to look at. Also, don’t buy into the publicity hype and just look to get word out. Scandalous advertising will get you shunned.

Do You Have a Story?

Everybody wants something that tells a story they can relate to. Hence, do not mix up audiences. Concentrate on your target customer. If you include everyone you dilute the message and your High Net Worth Individuals will lose interest.

Think about your audience and out emphasis on the features of your product they can relate to. For instance, if you are selling a home, features such as location, facilities around the area and prestigious schools are important.

Shoot Some Videos

Pay some models to showcase your product and create a vision. Social media marketing incorporates videos as well as glossy images and promos. These days, marketing is not complete without visuals.

Get your product viewed in as many favourable angles as you can. Professional videographers come in handy here. Ultimately, you must spend a bit of money to get the right visuals for your high-end clientele.

With this class of consumers, quality is everything. Your product must, naturally, be of the highest quality. Presentation is equally important. Therefore, your videos must be highly professional.


Selling to the high-end client takes proper planning and great strategies. You need all the expert input you can get. Partner with experienced marketers such as Worldwide Media Group to help you get your target audience to take notice.


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