There is a common misconception that running a business is all about giving the customer what they want. And in some ways, it is, but for the most part, running an effective business is about shocking and exciting your clients - showing them something that grabs their attention. That's why the more quirky, creative and unique a company’s marketing methods are, the higher their chances of success.

Why do so many businesses waste their time implementing boring marketing plans? They say if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, but just because something’s not broke that doesn't mean it’s not boring. Certain marketing methods might have been highly effective in the past, they may even still work now, but what it’s vital to consider is how well they work and whether there could be a more effective marketing method.

All the brands with highest rates of success have one thing in common, and that’s online marketing consultants that aren’t afraid to do something unique, something creative, something outstanding. Want to set your company apart from your competitors? Yes - then you need to do something big, something that will get your company noticed, the question is what?

To help you ensure that your brand stands out, below are some creative, quirky, and unique marketing ideas to consider implementing.

guerrilla marketing street

Ensure you are everywhere

Want to ensure that your products make it big? Then you need to get them everywhere - when we say everywhere, we mean absolutely everywhere. Make sure that your products are what people notice when they walk down the street - come up with a killer marketing campaign that’s completely unexpected and unique and have it shared everywhere, from bus shelters to malls. The more interesting, eye-catching, and strange it is, the better. You want to get people talking.

Choose a strange partner

Back in the 80s when ET launched, M&Ms were offered the chance to be the candy featured in the movie. They turned the offer down, and Reese’s Pieces took it up - it was ET that made Reese's Pieces the name that they have today. Although a strange combination - a movie about an alien and some peanut butter chocolate, Reese's Pieces became one of the most popular candies of the decade. Team up with an unexpected partner and you could hit the big time.

Plan a PR stunt

Remember the Land Rover that was parked outside of Harrods in London and spray painted in bright, pink paint with the words ‘cheater’ and ‘I hope she was worth it’? This was one of the best PR stunts the world has ever seen. Images of the vehicle went viral - everyone was talking about it on social media. This stunt put Land Rover on the map and ensured that their newest model was in the eye of the media for an extended period of time. Want to put your business (and products) on the map? Then plan a PR stunt, and make it a good one.


By taking a more quirky and unique approach to marketing, you can increase your company’s chances of success. The fact is that standing out isn’t easy, but by coming up with and implementing some smart marketing methods, it is possible to ensure that your company doesn’t blend into the crowd.


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