Humans have never hidden their love for stories and the art of storytelling. The most successful organizations and people are exceptional at telling stories. They excel in narrating personal stories. Moreover, they know how to make their stories relatable to those who care to listen.

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Marketers, too, have learned this art. They have perfected their craft. However, many are still in the dark, where marketing storytelling is concerned. The following tips should help you; that is if you are in the latter category.

Tell The Story Unapologetically

You don’t have to apologize for opting to use stories for marketing a product, service, or brand to your customers. When you apologize, you invariably inform your audience that the story you are about to tell is unimportant.

By doing that, you will kill any marketing gimmick that you planned. Sadder yet is the fact that you will not achieve your sales targets. You will be unable to realize your goals too. After all, your business will not make as many sales as it needs if marketing campaigns fall on their face.

Avoid Saying That You’re Telling A Story

It’s possible to narrate a story without informing everybody that you’re telling them one. People are smart enough to know that you’re describing a story to them. The only time you should say to them that you’re narrating a story is when the audience comprises young kids.

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As you will discover, many people react negatively at the mention of the word ‘story.’ For this reason, you should not give them the chance to display this attitude. Many of your audience consider stories unprofessional and inefficient.

Don’t Give Them The Ending Before Time

The ending should come right in the end. That should be clear enough. Despite that, many marketers rush to the ending before building up their stories well. Therefore, you should teach yourself to use suspense well. Otherwise, you would be sabotaging your own efforts.

The audience – even if it’s only one person – will turn off and stop paying attention to the rest of the story. By rushing to the end prematurely, you will have ruined your marketing story. More importantly, you will have lost your customers.

Therefore, make the story as personal as possible. More importantly, tell it in a way that the audience will find you, the brand, and the story relatable. Be strategic in telling stories, too, by applying a bit of suspense and creativity. Above all, keep your listeners interested in the story.


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