Need some ideas for logo or design project? Or simply need to inject some vintage-feeling into your branding? If you're looking for a little logo inspiration, this Mighty Deal is perfect for you! The Ultimate Logo Mock Up and Design Kit from Cruizine Design features 70 retro logo templates and more than 50 realistic logo mock-up, whether you’re looking for logo inspiration or just a smart way to present your work to clients, this set has it all. Act now and you can save more than 75% off the regular price!

These are high-quality vector files, and are fully customizable and easy to use, you can change up the color, size, shape or details and have yourself a professional logo, banner, sign or promotional piece for your latest design project! Creating hipster logos, badges and graphics couldn't be easier with the templates included in the set.

There are 6 distinct sets included in this pack, useful for all manner of web and print banners, branding and artwork. The templates are Photoshop vector shapes, so you’ll have complete control over resolution and color.

A big plus on this pack are the 50+ photo-realistic lockup templates that gives you an awesome way to present your work, drop your image into the file in place of the default, and see your design come to life!


Ultimate Logo Mockup & Design Kit Highlights:

  • 70 Retro Logo Templates Need to whip up some nifty new logo designs? Or perhaps create some buttons or promotional graphics for your website? This collection of 70 retro logo, badge and insignia templates is just what the doctor ordered.
  • 6 Retro Sets This bundle includes 6 fantastic retro signs and badges templates, including:
    • Retro Signs or Badges v.3
    • Retro Insignias or Badges v.3
    • Retro Signs or Badges v.2 Bonus
    • Retro Signs or Badges v.2
    • Retro Signs or Banners
    • Retro Insignias or Badges
  • Retro Style Add a little bit of class and even some nostalgia to your latest project! With this collection of high-quality, professional logos badges, insignias and more, you can really stand out from the crowd!
  • Fully Customizable All templates are delivered as Adobe Photoshop vector shapes, so you have full customizable control! Change up the size, shape and even details on any of these with ease.
  • Multiple Versions Many of the templates included in this Mighty Deal come with 5 different versions. Choose from Color, Black, White, Dark Grunge and Light Grunge.
  • Grunge Patterns If you need even more variety, take advantage of the spiffy extras included in the collection. Some of the templates include a number of grunge patterns to really shake things up nicely.
  • Multiple Uses These retro-tastic templates aren't just good for generating logos, though they're great for that! You can also use them to create some incredible signs, posters, badges, banners, buttons, promotional bursts and even photo overlays.
  • BONUS: 50+ Photo-Realistic Logo Mockup Templates This Mighty Deal also includes a set of 54 photo-realistic logo mockups. Simple to customize (they use smart objects, so just replace the sample image with your logo) and a snap to use, these high-quality templates clock in at 2300x1600 or 2600x1800 pixels in size. Perfect for putting together the ultimate logo, badge, sign, design, font, text or shape!
  • Photo-Realistic templates include:
    • Straight-View Logo Mock-Ups
    • Photo-Realistic Close-Up Mocku-Ups v.1
    • Realistic FlyerCard Mock-Ups v.1
    • Photo-Realistic Logo Mock-Ups v.2
    • Photo-Realistic Logo Mock-Ups v.1
    • Simple 3D Text and Logo Effects

Retro Signs:

Logo Mockup Templates:

The regular retail price of this superb set of logo assets is $100, but for a limited time, you can download the whole kit from MightyDeals for just $24, that’s an amazing 75% discount!

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  • Rich Harris
    best design deal ever!
  • dink winkerson
    love the hipster vibe of the badges, thanks for this deal Alex!