In this tutorial i will show you how easy is to create a background with veritcal lines. This type of background was used lately a lot because it is the latest trend in design. For start i will show you the result of my tutorial after i will explain how i made it.

icanbecreative logo

Let’s start our tutorial by creating a new document with the following size : 500 x 500 pixels.I will set my Foreground color to #000000, then with Paint Bucket Tool i will press one time over my document.

Create a new layer and select it (shift+ ctrl + n).

Grab Brush Tool, and with a Smooth Round brush, create 1 point over my layout with the color #a864a8

Please note the brush size should be 400 pixels.

This is the result you will need to have

After that, we need to blur the image. So you need to do this: Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, set Radius at 70 pixels. Here is a picture with how you can do it and how should it look:

Now go to Filter > Noise > Add noise. In amount field change the value at 30%, distribution should be Gaussian and check the Monochromatic box. See the example below:

Now go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. In the Motion blur window, set the angle to 90 degrees, and distance to 999 pixels. See the example below:

Hmm, few more tweaks and should look fine and ready for any use. Now you need to light up a bit the layer, how we do that? Well is easy, Create a new layer above the existing layer we have already, then select that layer and modify the blending mode of that layer to Overlay, then select brush tool, and now add a white point on the layer we have created. See the example below with the steps you need to fallow:

Well that's it, here is the final result:

Download (.psd)


This tutorials can be applied in any situation, when you have to design a background or a banner, flayer etc... I love vertical lines because they are very simple and nice looking. Hope this tutorial helps, and also don't forget to Be Creative!


  • N4TUR3
    hey great tutorial i tried it out and it came out perfectly thankx alot man !
  • vlad
    If the size of the picture is not larger than 50k you can save it as .png, depends on how you want to use the picture.
  • matt hunter
    thx a lot ! simple and useful.
  • dk
    @vlad I want to use it as a simple background. You created this work in BGB or CMKY? Thanks for the answer.
  • Soramedia
    Simple technique and nice result!
  • vlad
    @dk i created it in RGB. If you use it just as a simple non repetitive background you can save it in .jpg format. I saved mine in .jpg format with @60 quality and it shows 17k of memory. And is looking great. If you use it as a repetitive background, you can save it in .png (png-24) format, i saved mine and it shows 26k, but if you crop it, to make a pattern you can reduce the size. Anyway i prefer .png over .jpg, why? because .png have better quality. Also dont forget to save it with Save for Web & Devices Tool, because the size of the picture will be more compressed. If you give me more info about what you want to do i can help you to optimize it, to have a good quality and a compressed size. You can do that by emailing me. you have the address on the footer of this article.
  • Medyia
    Hello Mr.Vlad I thought .. you will be glad to see your tutorial have been published into Arabic language ... sorry Mr.Vlad.. you can delete my first comment ...
  • Sarifa
    wow nice pic dude...hehe :) amaze me so much
  • Mohammed Kivioja
    I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.
  • Smail
    I tries it and it worked ! thanks a lot Alex :)
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