If you’ve got talents, you also have the right to make money from those talents - especially so if you are a creative person. You’re one of a kind, and if you’re bored with your day job (as most creatives will be, let us be honest here), you should find ways to rake in the cash from your creativity.

Hold your horses though - once you start to sell, you need to learn how to become a business. Making money means registering as a business and following the legal precedents as defined by your country of operation, this means paying the right tax and declaring your income in most cases. Now you can connect with a live CPA, certified tax expert, or tax attorney online via TurboTax Live without ever needing to leave your Atlanta home (or anywhere else in the United States you call home). We might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, but it’s worth getting this sorted from the get-go.

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No matter your talent, the best way to sell is to operate a store. This will be part of your website and offer your talents.It might be selling prints, writing or designs. It could be shirts and merchandise. No matter what, if you want to sell - you need to ensure that you can sell, that happens with an online store and it gives you the capability to sell.

Your talents need to be marketed as well. This is easily done with website and social media feeds which boost your brand and give your talents a following. If you ever need advice, there are no ends to the sites that can give your tips on getting your name out there - you can even find informative marketing resources via podcast. If you need help and advice, it’s always there thanks to the internet. The more people that know of you and your talents, the more you can sell.

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It is far easier to make money out of some aspects of creativity than it is others. For example, it is a lot easier for an artist to sell a print of her designs than it is for an audio engineer to sell a podcast. This might have something to do with the physicality of a design over a podcast - but also because of the competition. Many podcasts are offered for free over many different platforms while nearly all designs are sold online for cash. If you do sense that attempting to make money is holding you back, find other ways to earn money that aren’t going to put your audience off. Patreon is a good idea as it allows your following to buy into a monthly subscription to you and your talents in return for special offers. Some unique podcasts make a living from services like patreon, so it can be worth doing that if your podcast has a following that you don’t really want to sell to. Youtube is a good place to find monetization as you can bring in money based on your views if you can generate a big following. Put your creativity on display on YouTube in return for advertising cash if you can get enough people subscribing to your channel and watching your videos.


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