Have you chosen Mac for its reliable system? They really have a lot of advantages and are of the best quality. Mac users don’t face serious problems with hard drives often. But the reality is such that an emergency may happen when you don’t expect it at all. Mac isn’t an exception.

The good news is that being a Mac user you have such a great option like a Time Machine and can restore a hard drive from https://www.pandorarecovery.com/blog/restore-hard-drive-from-a-time-machine-backup/. This function can help you to restore hard drive from a time machine without any problems. Have you never used it before? Then, you are welcome to check the tips on how to recover data from with a Time Machine.

how to restore hard drive from a time machine

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Steps You Should Make to Recover Hard Drive Using a Time Machine

There are several simple steps you need to make if you want to restore data successfully. Check them below following the instructions carefully.

  • First of all, you need to connect the Time Machine to your Mac.
  • Select “Restore from time machine”.
  • Choose the period for the recovery and get started.
  • Wait until the time machine will complete the recovery process. Check all the files and select those you’d like to restore.

Sounds as easy as ABC, doesn’t it? It’s really simple if you aren’t in a hurry. What to do if you have done all the steps but still didn’t find the files you need? Are there any other ways to recover deleted files on Mac? Fortunately, yes and we’re going to tell about one of the most effective ways to get data back below.

Disk Drill: Recover Files without Time Machine

The time machine is a great application that allows recovering files but there is one drawback. Not everyone uses all its benefits due to the reason that first, it is necessary to activate this function. If you are one of those who have forgotten to do this manually, then, the following method is exactly what you need. There is an effective Mac data recovery tool Disk Drill. It can work wonders by recovering data within minutes.

Whether you’ve lost your files suddenly or deleted them by chance, the program will help you to recover deleted files on Mac. The only thing you should keep in mind: use this recovery software as quickly as possible if you want to enjoy the guaranteed result. It is due to the fact that sometimes applications on your Mac can be overwritten and the chances to recover files will decrease significantly. If you want to maximize your chances to get the information you’ve lost, you’re recommended not to hesitate to use Disk Drill.

So, what should you do to recover data without a time machine? Everything is simple. First, you need to launch Disk Drill. Secondly, you should choose the hard drive where the lost files were and press the button “Recover”. The program will do the scanning. There are two types of scanning. The first one is quick which takes minutes while another one is deep scanning which takes longer but shows incredible results. You can start with the quick one first. When the scanning process is over, you’re welcome to check what files have been found by the software. There is a special option for this that allows doing it quickly.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Have you found the files you need? Just choose the files you’d like to get back by pressing the button “Recover”. As you can see, there is nothing difficult about using this method of data recovery. You need to follow the instructions that you can see on the screen after you launch the program and perform all the steps without missing anything. In 99%, you’re guaranteed to enjoy success.


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