It is almost impossible for any business to thrive in this present generation without an online presence. The number of internet users is unimaginably high and users go through a number of websites on a daily basis. The short time people spend to look through each website suggests that the role of an excellent graphic design cannot be overemphasized. Users are better attracted to your graphic design than they are to your content.The excellence of your graphic design endears them to want to know the content of your website.

There are a number of key web design strategies that allow your customers to enjoy every moment on your website. This article is primarily aimed at helping you actualize an unforgettable customer experience for your users.

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1. Appearance

Some special features of modern web design trends are very pertinent to ensure a better customer experience. One of these features is referred to as “responsive design”. This refers to a code that allows your website to appear the same irrespective of the device used to view it.

Some websites have a better outlook when viewed with a personal computer and look disastrous on a smartphone. This is not an advisable move because many times, websites have to be quickly accessed and a smartphone is more readily available than a personal computer. Therefore, a website with an impressive computer interface but a terrible smartphone outlook doesn’t leave the best of impressions.

Therefore, responsive design is a major tool in redesigning your website for better customer experience.

2. Create a plan

While doing your web design, one important thing to put into consideration is the user journey.As a website owner, you definitely know which details are not exactly very important. Therefore, these rather unimportant details should not take precedence in web designing above the important ones. As a website owner, the fact that people have limited time to spend on your website helps you make prudent decisions.

Navigation is very essential in ensuring an excellent customer experience on your website. To ensure that your website perfectly aligns to the needs of your visitors, it is necessary you map-out the users’ journey from the start. An easy compass and navigation through your website sure help your customers have a remarkable experience.

3. Emphasis on design

As earlier established, graphic designs are just as important as contents. There are a number of web design issues that make customers lose interest in your website. These issues include; inappropriate color usage, wrongly imputed domain name, small fonts of prints and shambolic layout. The best websites existing in this contemporary period have a unique form of graphic design with a number of easy to use templates.

In web designs, one of the most important yardsticks for amazing customer experience is making your company’s contact information and social media details very obvious. Another is creating a direct link between your logo and homepage to enhance easy navigation.

4. An active homepage

Statistics say you have less than 10 seconds to grasp the attention of first-time visitors on your website. This exemplifies that you have a limited number of seconds to quickly convince customers of the prospective contents of your website. Packaging is an indispensable part of online business and in turn web design.

If first-time visitors on your website notice an array of poorly patterned graphic design on your website or a poorly made web design, it definitely pisses them. And this, in turn, prevents them from accessing the value you have to offer.

5. Navigation

Statistics shown by hubspot says that the most important factor in the design of a website is its usability. A percentage of 76% of customers appreciate a website because it makes it super easy for them to find what they want – navigation. The ease of exploration of your website and stress freeness of moving through your website rests strongly on your site’s navigation.

The yardstick for measuring an excellent navigation system is its clarity. In ensuring comfortable customer experience, it is important that users understand easily how your website is organized. The navigations may come in a drop-down menu format or anchored navigation bars. In all, navigation should be prioritized in web design.

6. Organized content

Having emphasized the importance of graphic designs in a website, contents particularly those in pictorial format should be well arranged to allow for cool customer experience. If you have a perfume website, for instance, the best medium of advertisement is definitely by displaying the pictures of those perfumes. You apparently cannot advertise the scent of the perfume on the internet.

In a case where you have multiple numbers of aesthetically unique images, the images should be arranged in a block format such that about three to four images appear on the same row. This saves internet users and first-time visitors the stress of having to scroll endlessly before getting a reasonable grasp of what you have to offer.

Another approach to content organization is to put the most recent and the most up to date products on the home page and front row. Apart from first-time visitors, this move benefits long term customers as they become easily informed of your newest contents.

7. Quick load time

It is no surprise that one of the yardsticks used by Google for ranking a site is its load time. Users always prefer to go to sites that load very quickly and in turn use minimal data. The higher the frequency of users on your website, the higher your website’s ranking on Google.

In redesigning your website, the web design can be made to consume minimal data by – optimizing images sizes (reducing the file size of an image without much reduction in its quality), autoplay audio and video media should also be eliminated to reduce data consumption.

In conclusion, in the business world, competition is thick and fierce. To be successful, these tips should be taken to utmost cognizance with special emphasis on the graphic designs. As it is commonly said, “the first expression lasts longer”.


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