We all have those days when our creativity runs low and our motivation levels drop.

Some days, inspiration will be plentiful, and it will feel like you couldn’t stop creating even if you wanted to, and there will be other days where you may not even be able to bring yourself to get started. But how can you make every day a creative one?

creative mind

illustration by Pavlov Visuals

While creative slumps can be extremely frustrating, remember they won’t last forever and are just part of the process. The good news is, there are things you can do to get your creativity flowing again and get back to work as usual.

Look for Inspiration

When you’re feeling unmotivated or sluggish, finding things to spark your inspiration can be challenging. One way to get back into a more creative mindset is to pick up a new hobby. Having a new outlet to focus your creative pursuits on can help take the pressure off creating.

Activities like knitting or crocheting are relaxing ways of expressing yourself, and you don’t need to have the best knitting needles or fancy crochet hooks to get started. Working on something you don’t have to be good at or have any pressure to create can feel nice.

Drawing to other art forms for inspiration is also a great way to get out of a creative slump. Maybe you pick up a book you’ve meant to read, take a stroll through a new art exhibit at your local gallery or tune in to a new podcast.

Change Your Routine

Sometimes a simple change of routine or scenery can help reignite creativity. If you usually create in your studio in the mornings, try taking your work outside in the afternoon. Having new sights and sounds can help you look at your art through a new lens and get you out of your slump.

Just remember to be patient with yourself. It’s also totally okay to take a break from creating for a while. Whether you take a complete break or just cut back a bit on how many hours you’re spending creating, sometimes a break is all that's needed to get the juices flowing again. Rest is vital in making sure your brain is functioning at top speed and helping you get the most of your creativity.

Reassess Your Why

Art is such a personal and expressive thing, and it’s essential to check in with yourself now and then to remember why you’re making it. Are you part of a craft show that’s coming up and need to get a certain number of pieces made beforehand, or are you trying to kickstart a career as an artist? Are you making your art just for yourself because you love doing it? No matter the reason for making art, holding on to your why can help you break a creative slump.

That said, keep in mind it’s okay if your why changes. The process of creating is so fluid and doesn’t always have to look the same or serve the same purpose.


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