If you are baffled by finding your style in drawing, you are on the right track. Individual style is your personal brand, which is better remembered by viewers and associated with a certain personality and helps sell your work. Although there are works that are not so popular for their content, but rather for the scandal surrounding the work. In this article, I will introduce you to the main components of an artist's own handwriting and give you some tips on how to find him.

How do painting preferences influence personal style formation?

I want to ask you: "What kind of artist is your idol?" I have to clarify the question immediately before I hear the names of the great masters, from Leonardo da Vinci to Aivazovsky. I adore many masters of classical painting. I feel a spiritual connection to their works. This is my wealth. But as a painter who stirs paints on the palette, understanding the complexity of their techniques, in my practice I am guided by masters with simpler technical solutions.

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I have the feeling that I can repeat them. Even if it does not happen at once, but the training will not take many years, but a week or two. Another important thing is that the themes of their work and the way they are performed are in line with my tastes and preferences for creativity today.

Your test as an artist can be quite simple: "Would I like to hang this work at my home? If the answer is yes, it is definitely your character and a photo of his paintings should be saved in a separate folder on your PC. I understand that there may not be three such folders in the end. Okay, it's no problem, but let's keep it down to ten. All the others are only as reference material, but not in the category of favorites.

Is it appropriate for you to choose your style if you are not good at drawing yet?

My dear friend, from experience I will say: I really don't like it when beginner authors start "inventing the bike". I am sent to check the work, which depicts strange landscapes, composed by inexperienced imagination, not developed imaginative thinking, without knowledge of composition. On the one hand, this work in its pure primordial form as rock painting, on the other hand, a strange useless occupation.

Well, open any reproduction, try to copy the shape of a tree, try to stir the paints, adjusting the color. In this case, you're already in contact with skill and learning. There is a special course on copying paintings in art universities.

This is how students learn, unraveling the techniques of other masters. You will ask: "What should I only copy now? I want to draw myself, mine". Please, write yours, but you will see how reflection in water is solved, how a cloud is painted. Take the ready-made solutions and insert them into your story. But today we are talking about personal style in drawing and my recommendations are about that.

Yes, the idea of choosing your own style is appropriate even if you're not painting well at the moment. By following the recommendations described in the first and second chapters, you will definitely ease your way to the top of your skill and spend less time not inventing, but using the experience of other masters. All the more so because it is the 21st century and a lot of video lessons of painting with full comments on all the actions of the author. This makes the learning process more comfortable and fast than ever. I assure you, at the moment of my formation I did not have such an opportunity.


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