There is probably no person in the world who has not and will never play at least one online game. Ever since home computers became commonplace in every home in the mid-1990s, games have gradually become a kind of alternative reality.

In the meantime, the Internet has become commonplace, and today it is something we cannot imagine our everyday life without.

Online games can be a lot of fun, not just when you're playing them. They often provide the perfect escape from our daily lives and can help you feel like you're in a completely different world. Nowadays, with the advent of augmented reality, games have taken on a whole new level of potential.

More so than ever before, developers are providing players with ways to bring their worlds into ours, which means that we have more opportunities than ever before to get creative with our gameplay and make it our own.

This is a recent development, as it wasn't until the last few years that developers began to explore the idea of bringing our worlds into theirs. This has resulted in games like Minecraft and Virtual Reality, which provide players with the opportunity to create their worlds and share them with others.

The online games market is so diverse that everyone can find something for themselves. From harmless and straightforward, through specialised and those intended to improve health and brain functions, all the way to complicated, strategic, and those that lean on the mythology and religion of offline reality.

creative gaming

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Is It Even Possible To Enjoy Online Games In Moderation?

Of course, it is. But moreover, if you aspire to be a serious online gamer and make an enviable career - the art of self-control is also something you must master.

No matter what you do and how much your passion and love for work is - your body and brain need rest. If you avoid vacation in the long run - you will likely develop severe mental and physical problems - stress, anxiety, the tendency to violence, back problems, headaches, etc.

The price of addiction is high, and the longer we deny it - the less we will enjoy the games.

That is why we bring you some tips on enjoying games without forgetting offline reality.

Do Not Deny That There Is A Danger Of Addiction Development

Honestly, anything can become a drug. Food, drinks, cigarettes, going out, movies ... if we consume it all in moderation - it can take us to the dark side. Darshan Somashekar, the I’m a Puzzle platform owner, considers that society shouldn't ignore the fact that this type of addiction is present and quite common. However, it doesn't mean we should be afraid of games; they can truly help you develop your creativity to the next level.


Make a Plan

Not everyone who plays games will develop an addiction. Some players can control themselves and play, for example, only during breaks or in the evening before going to bed.

Some, however, care more about gaming and feel a unique, emotional connection to their games.

Depending on which group you belong to, whether you want to become a professional gamer, improve your memory, or just want to have a good time - try to make a game plan.

Good planning is essential whether you want to reduce playing time or make better use of time while playing games.

Stick to the plan you made. For example, play games for only a few hours a day and limit yourself to the number of hours of play every week.

Limited time is sometimes an excellent boost for productivity and quality. The beauty of playing games is not only in the duration but also in the beauty of the performance.

When you play all day, you lose track of time and reality and start playing mechanically, which is even dull. A good organisation of the time spent playing will return the focus to quality, not quantity.

creative game

illustration by William Santacruz

Seek Help In Time

If you are self-aware and know how to recognize emotions, you will also notice changes in behaviour caused by excessive gaming.

You will increasingly ignore reality, avoid offline friends and family, maybe even go to work. But unfortunately, playing games can never be a substitute for reality, and if you've noticed that you can't stand two days without games without an anxiety attack - it's time to seek help.

This is sometimes hard to swallow; it is not easy to admit to ourselves that we do not need professional help to play games, but it is often the only way to help ourselves and our surroundings. This way, you can preserve your mental and physical health and your job and family.

Play With Your Friends

This is primarily about gathering friends and playing your favourite games together. Of course, you can do the same online, but live contact and social interaction can keep you from developing an obsessive habit of playing games.

If you’re in the company of good friends, you’ll probably be primarily focused on having a good time; you will talk about topics that are not exclusively about games, and you will not take games too seriously.


I'm sure the gaming industry will develop more and more in the future. There's no need to run away from the alternative and often more beautiful reality. If you fail to control yourself - seek help immediately.

Online games such as "World of Warcraft" or “Minecraft” have complex and exciting storylines that can be challenging and satisfying. Online games make you feel like you have a specific mission to complete. And once you accomplish your goal, it feels great!

We know that very few people have time to play games in real life at this age and time. So for them, online games come as a blessing.


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