If you are new to OSRS game, then you might be struggling to make OSRS gold, which is its in-game currency. There are a lot of methods available, applying which you can make yourself rich in the OSRS game, but not all the techniques are easy.

Though you can buy OSRS Gold pieces, it requires real money and not everyone is interested in investing in in-game currency via online gaming marketplaces. So we are going to reveal three best and straightforward methods using which you can make Gold in the Old school Runescape game.

Stronghold of Security

One of the most straightforward techniques of making the Gold in OSRS is by visiting Stronghold of Security. Some of you guys may not know about Stronghold of Security.

So it's a dungeon present near Varrock in Barbarin Village. This dungeon contains four varieties of levels containing dangerous monsters holding level 5 to 159. The Stronghold dungeon renders some rapid gold.

You can earn up to 10,000 by doing a simple task in Stronghold of Security dungeon. Players can get this amount of in-game Gold by finishing the first three levels.

You can attain some cabbages while going towards the dungeon, from the field present in the north of Lumbridge. If you have a higher cooking skill, then you can also attain raw salmon and trout from Barbarian Village.


Skilling is another way by while you can get OSRS gold. There are various skills, including Mining, Woodcutting, etc. available in OSRS, which contain varying leveling range.

You can earn some amount of Gold by increasing the level of such skills. Mining, Fishing, and Woodcutting are three of the most regularly utilized skills by players to earn more Gold in OSRS. Each of the skills gives some resources which a player can trade on the Grand Exchange.

The greater amount of resources means higher are your chances of making a significant amount of money in OSRS. There are many skills available, and each skill demanding different time to learn.

So you can go for the skills that are easy to learn and gives more gold. For example, the Latter is a skill that you might learn rapidly. It helps in unlocking different money-making techniques.


Most of the Old school Runescape players don't know about this method. Killing chickens is another easy technique that helps in making OSRS gold.

After killing a chicken, you may earn raw chicken, bones, and a particular amount of feathers that you can trade on Grand Exchange. Besides this, players can also trade a cooked chicken.

Sometimes the price of cooked chicken is higher in comparison to the cost of raw chicken. So before selling a raw chicken on Grand Exchange, make sure to check its price.

The amount of Gold that you may earn on each chicken varies from 84 to 114. There is a food shop in Sarim, from where you can get a limitless amount of raw chickens and sell them to get OSRS gold.


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