Linkedin is a website that helps professionals to connect and interact with each other.

This is a professional networking website that has the highest number of people occupying senior level positions. Moreover they are the people who are key decision makers in their respective organizations. Linkedin acts as a social media platform that helps you talk to your people, network with them and also let them know about you’re about yourself. This is certainly not a place to advertise you. You should try and promote yourself in the industry you are a part of, through this platform.

There are lots of groups on Linkedin. These are based on the different industries that exist. You can join the groups related to your industry and post your blogs on these. This is one way of driving traffic to it. Here is a list of other ways that can be used to drive traffic through Linkedin.

Complete a Search Engine Optimized Profile

lways have a search engine optimized profile. You should have nice profile with a photo of yourself. Make sure your profile is 100% complete. Adorn your profile with the skills that you have and also a presentation of your work. Add a list of your interests, the stuff you have read and the stuff that you have written in your profile.

his will create an identity for you and generate interest in your profile and thereby your blog. Your profile should look impeccable, as it is the first thing that people can see when they Google your name. Also make sure that your profile on linked in a consistent with other social networks, so as to maintain your credibility.

Build Your Network

Always make as many connections a possible on Linkedin as well as any other social networking website. This will ensure that your connections are updated about each of your activities and also help you increase traffic on your website.

Customize Your Links

Your website should display your blog first and then you’re personal website and then your company website. On display should be the links so that the visitor can directly view your pages.

Update Your Status Regularly

You should update and use Linkedin and update your status regularly to drive traffic. Try to help your connections by providing them with valuable information. This could be an article related to industry news.

Join And Participate In Groups

Always remember that the key to social networking lies in building credibility for you. This is reflected by the number of connections that you have as well the amount you participate in the network. You should join industry specific groups on Linkedin and be an active member of the groups. You can start a new discussion or post valuable information.

Be Active In LinkedIn Answers

inkedin is a great to get people to know you better and thereby get traffic to your blog as well as build and retain interest.Always be active on Linkedin answers. Ask as well as answer questions. Add value to people and thereby you will build credibility. This will in turn help you build your network and generate traffic.


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