Acing eCommerce with Your Personal Branding

You can totally rock your eCommerce with an eye-catching brand. The secret is choosing the right tool to build a completely insane personal branding to amaze your customers and promote those sales! Today’s eCommerce competition is high and raising so don’t hesitate to go that extra mile and make your website stand out from others.

There are approximately 2.14 billion digital buyers out there waiting to see your eCommerce store. It’s literally never been a better time to open an online store! There are tons of eCommerce brands out there so let’s build one really captures the attention.

About Your eCommerce Web Design

80 percent of people stop doing business with a company due to poor customer experience. Because of this, you want to make sure your user experience is excellent and that your brand is enticing enough. When designing a website you should keep it as clean, consistent, and professional as possible. Lot’s of eCommerce sites pick a template and call it a day, but you should remember eCommerce is a highly competitive field so even the smallest edge can help you drive sales.

From your website layout to creating a personal brand all the way down to your images, there is a lot of room to experiment with your design. So let’s get into it. No matter how good your products or services are, how cheap they are compared to your competitors, and so on, it’s the design that plays the most important role in your customers’ decision-making process. Remember in personal branding you are your most important asset so take care or your web design as you take care of yourself.

Most people will leave a website if they find the layout unattractive, this combined with the fact that most people only ever look at a website for a few seconds before clicking away says a lot about your site’s design.

1. Credibility:

Above all, your site design builds credibility, your product images, your advertisement, your branding and most of all your website design. Starting from your personal branding logo down to the images, you need to have a consistent theme. High-quality images and consistent branding can go far with your customers.

ecommerce branding

2. User Experience:

User experience or UX for short, is all about the usability and details of your eCommerce website. You want to make the navigation as user-friendly as possible. Make it super simple for your user to buy your product or service. Another important thing to consider is that your website is responsive for mobile. Most searches happen on mobile these days.

Most common issues in poor user experience include:

  • Unclear pricing.
  • Lack of trust when making a purchase.
  • Insufficient payment methods.
  • Site errors.
  • Unclear site navigation.

Aside from design, having multiple payment options is also a good way to connect with your visitors and grow your potential buyers.

3. Your Products

Price your product listing, learn your best SEO tactics to get an effective branding marketing of your eCommerce website. Use high-quality images for all of your product and even use different angles of the same product.

Your product descriptions should point to your niche or your buyer persona, think about their tone and language. Also, use strong call to actions.

4. Optimize for Those Impatient Clients

Optimize all your assets to avoid slow downloading. Page load speed is also one factor for Google’s algorithm ranking. You can test your eCommerce website’s speed on several pages.

Your Personal Branding Starts with a Stunning Logo

If you have no brand at all yet, you can start by developing your own custom logo with a logo creator. Get a professional logo design in no time with just a few simple steps.

ecommerce personal branding

Making a logo design is super simple just pick a template, customize it with your own brand’s colors, font, and choose a graphics to represent your personal brand’s value. After you get your logo ready, you can make all kinds of branding assets for your eCommerce website.

Keep Running Your Business on Social Too!

Establish a social media presence too! Showing your personal branding everywhere is kind of the point of a good branding strategy. Create new content to keep your audience updated. It never hurts to engage with new clients!

Consider Sharing Your Business Story with a Fun Video

Share your story, an insight into your culture for your customers. Let them get to know you in order for them to feel an emotional connection with your personal brand. There are lots of great tools you can use to tell your story. We would encourage you to try making a video about it!

Also post your sales, promotions, giveaways and other eCommerce strategies with animated videos. Videos get way more positive response than static images.

ecommerce personal branding min

Final Words

Search around to get the right tools and PlugIns for your eCommerce shop. Show off your personal brand’s merch with beautiful images, use all kinds of amazing promoting tools like videos or banners to get the word out on your news, and don’t forget about your social media! Let’s get started and succeed with lots of conversions!


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