In today’s increasingly competitive market, creativity is what sets you apart from the competition. Integrating creativity into every aspect of your business can help enhance your unique selling point and even attract customers. Getting more customers is the ultimate goal of all marketing efforts and is a key reason why getting more traffic to your website is so important. Site traffic is the digital equivalent of physical foot traffic and holds even more significance since it is always available to customers. If you’re tired of the same old tactics failing to bring you results, here’s how to bring a creative flair into your online presence that increases traffic to your business’ website.

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Good Copy is Key

What is good copy? Good copy goes beyond simply having well-written text throughout your site. Instead, rather, good copy is text that is written in a way that is relatable and understandable by your buyer. As a business it is easy to fall into the trap of having a website filled with copy explaining your product or service, using industry jargon and assuming the reader understands what you’re talking about. The reality, however, may be quite the opposite. Your website copy should be written creatively and in such a way that any buyer, especially one who has no experience with your product or service, can follow, understand, and find value in it.

Attention-Grabbing Images and Graphics

Let’s face it. With ever-shrinking attention spans, most people will look first and only read if they are interested in the images and graphics on your site. Creating attention-grabbing images and graphics is a means of helping viewers quickly understand your key points. What makes an image eye-catching? Use an image with a single dominating color, that includes people and tries to capture a feeling. What kinds of graphics grab a reader’s attention? Ones that focus on visuals more than text, use negative space, and are easy-to-understand at a glance.

Use Web Elements Wisely

With coding becoming so advanced, there are countless web elements that can be used on your business’ website. However, use too many and your site can quickly become overwhelming. Use too few, and your site can seem simple, bland, and even boring (which will give you a high bounce rate and poor conversion rate). Make sure that the web elements that you do use make sense for your business. Here are some of the most popular.


Sliders are by far one of the most popular web elements found on a business website. Businesses use sliders to showcase different products and services, advertise sales, promote new launches, etc. This is a great way to quickly draw the reader’s attention to the most important information.


Pop-outs are great if your business deals with a particularly technical industry. If it is impossible to discuss your product or service without using “industry speak,” pop-outs give your business a way of enhancing the user experience by providing quick information to help them better understand the copy.

Video is Your Best Friend

Videos are practically a non-negotiable if you want to quickly draw your viewer in, increase their time on your site, and improve your overall conversion rate. Having videos on your site can help keep viewers on your site, but can also help drive traffic from search as well. This is true for both video-specific search as well as universal search. In other words, having well-crafted videos can take your business to the next level.

Active YouTube Channel

While there is always the option of hosting your videos on your own site, the process of doing so (and optimizing your site for speed) is often expensive. However, by maintaining an active YouTube channel, you can simply embed your videos on your site without having to host them directly, drastically reducing the size of your site.

how to bring a creative flair that increases traffic to your business website

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Post Enticing Content on Social Platforms

Social media platforms are another creative means of pulling in additional traffic to your business website. By posting engaging content on social platforms, you are able to build a brand reputation and also encourage followers/friends to visit your site. Pictures and captions posted on social platforms should be relevant to your business and industry, while simultaneously offering value to your followers and friends.

Create Content that Appeals to Influencers

Social platforms also allow you to work with influencers that will promote your business to their followers and friends. However, to successfully integrate influencers into your marketing plan to drive traffic to your business’ website, you must first make sure that you create content that appeals to them. If your content is boring or if influencers have to do a lot of work to make your content exciting, chances are they will work with someone else over you. So it is especially important to make appealing content.

Flex Your Creative Muscle

Exercising creativity in your messaging and content helps your business and brand get noticed. But for that attention to go anywhere, your creativity needs to be specifically geared towards giving the user or viewer value. Regardless of the platform you choose to use—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or your own website—all of your content needs to be created with the intention of giving the user as much value as possible.

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By providing value, users will come back to your site and will spend more time on your site. This means more eyeballs on your website and more prospective customers. Even if you aren’t able to convert every viewer into a customer, by providing value, you are creating a memorable brand image, which may translate to the user becoming a customer down the road or into a recommendation to another prospective customer.

At the end of the day, it comes down to a user feeling as though they are going to receive value and the information that they are looking for from your business’ website. The creative approaches outlined here will help you meet this goal and drive more traffic to your site.


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