How much does a website design cost

Before I give you the ready-made prices, I want to explain how to calculate the cost of design, knowing the price for 1 page. Of course, there are designers who estimate their cost based on the number of working hours. But usually, hourly payment can be found on freelance platforms. There are special programs for counting these working hours.

What determines the price of website design

website design

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Number of pages

Websites consist of pages. And the more pages on the site are unique in structure, the more expensive the cost of design.

Knowing the cost of designer's services for one page, you can always estimate the budget almost with jewelry accuracy. You will not be able to deceive unscrupulous performers.


Adaptive - this is how the site will look like on mobile devices. Usually, it is 3-4 resolutions for tablets and phones. All designers do different as, for example, this:

  • 1000px
  • 768px.
  • 480px
  • 320px

The cost of an adaptive page.

This means that if we counted 5 pages, then the adaptive is necessary for each of them, including the main one.

Yes, the design of the page itself does not change dramatically, but the interface changes and the designer needs to think about what will be transformed and how to adapt all the elements on the page. Therefore, the adaptive costs about the same as the page design, or a little cheaper.

Where to order?

You have to decide who you order the website design from. At a large web studio, a professional web designer freelancer, or a beginner freelancer. The cost may differ significantly.

Design agency. Often, studios have several designers. Therefore, it can offer you 2-3 design layouts. But the cost of work they have much higher. After all, they have a full-fledged offline business. So, rent, salaries, taxes, etc. The range of prices in studios is also huge. From 500$ to 5000$ per page. It depends on the quality. Web studios try not to do only the design. They do not benefit from it. They offer comprehensive solutions. Basically, it is design + layout + promotion of the site.

Freelancers. The cost of services freelancer web designer depends on his experience, load, fame, and cheek. In addition, a freelancer performs not only the function of the performer but also the function of "manager". And if the essence of the manager is good, the freelancer will not allow itself to work for food. But the market is still a large number of "inexpensive" performers who have no experience and portfolio or are so shy that they are afraid to ask for a good price for their work. Some are ready to draw (just draw) the design of the online store for 500$.

Private freelance designers can provide additional discounts if the project is large, multi-page.

Why? Because it is profitable. It is easier to take one large order than 5 small ones. If your project came out to 4 300$, it can be easily rounded up to 4000$. You can consider it as a discount for providing a month's worth of work in advance.

Why website design can't cost cheap

It's time to explain why design can't be so cheap.

  • A good designer understands how websites are created and knows what a Bootstrap grid is.
  • A good designer doesn't draw websites, but rather designs them with stylistics, usability and SEO Suite in mind.
  • A good designer knows that he should not only draw the design of pages, but also draw all the models of the states of dynamic elements on the site. Active menus, pop-ups, drop-down lists, hover effects, buttons and links in three states (normal - when hovering - active).
  • A good designer should think up how everything will move, hide, open, move.


Site design can not cost cheaply, but you can find a "cheap" performer. The paradox.

But to look for such a performer is only if your budget is limited, and the site you need.


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