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Flat Design has been the go-to style for UI/UX designers for a while now. As a result many sub styles of flat design started to emerge, one of them being the line style, stroke style.

There are plenty of fantastic flat design resources available: icons, newsletter templates, mobile and web application interfaces, business cards. In this collection we added some of the best free flat line style icon sets for personal or commercial use, in your projects.

Bikini 60s Flat Icon Pack

bikini60s hairline flat icon

Simple Line Icons 2 - 100+ free icons

simple hairline flat style icons

170 Thin Line UI Icons

simple thin line flat style icons

Freecons Curved Icon Set

simple flat style icons

50 FREE Icons by Balraj Chana

simple line flat icons

Icon Set (144) by Katarina Stefanikova

pixel perfect flat icon set

150+ Free Vector Outline Icons by Asif Aleem

Outline Vector Icons Pack

Free Icon Set #4

free line icon set


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