Paper is one of the most fragile materials you can use for art, but it is also highly flexible and wide available for experimentation. There are many ways to make art of paper, but there’s one artist who recently caught our eye. Meet Carmen Georgescu, a romanian artist that creates stunning works of art using the quilled paper technique. For those who are unfamiliar with this technique, also known as paper filigree, quilling is the art of using shaped strips of paper and it involves twisting, gluing, rolling and manipulating paper to create 3D figurines. The designs are all built upon rolled coils of paper that when grouped together form intricate flowers models, for example. Her pieces blend colors and textures, to form beautiful detailed compositions. The colorful and yet cohesive palette she favors gives her art pieces an appealing unity.

Hopefully, her artworks will inspire you to see the beautiful creative potential in the everyday materials that surround you. So if you’re looking for a special gift or simply want to add some life to your house, we highly suggest you check out her work below and create your own!

creative paper art

quilled paper art

paper art

flower quilled paper art

hand crafted paper art

sun flower paper art

create paper art

flowers quilled paper art

tiny paper sculpture

hand paper art

small paper art


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